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It’s game seven. It’s do or die. Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin isn’t going to stand idly by as his team’s season hangs in the balance.

With 11:38 left in the first period, Ovechkin stepped out on the ice for a shift, and it was inspiring. Ovechkin laid out three New York Rangers players with big hits and left the ice to a roaring standing ovation from the sold out Verizon Center crowd.

Let’s recap.

First, Ovi brutally knocked over Rangers defenseman John Moore in open ice.


Next, like a heat-seeking missile, Ovechkin crunches a leaning-over Ryan McDonagh in the shoulders, knocking him hard into the boards.


Finally, Ovi rattled Steve Eminger along the boards.


GIFs by welshhockeyfan

All in all, Ovechkin was credited with seven hits in period one. The New York Rangers had 21 in total.

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  • YUmad?

    That was uncalled for.

  • hopeless

    i think Neuvy should’ve started Game 4 to get a chance. Holtby’s let too many in over the course of the last few games.

  • kolousek

    I’d call it honest over uncalled for.

  • kolousek


  • Chocolatetown2ChocolateCity

    Good save, huh?

  • hopeless

    Peter, we’re ready for the final write-up of the season… gross outting for the CAPS.

  • And we end the season as we started it… what an awful way to go out.

  • Damn. Im going to wake up and pretend this is just a bad dream.

  • Roberto

    i have a feeling this is it for GMGM

  • johnnymorte

    And the days go by…same as it ever was. That Forsberg trade is lookin’ worse every minute. Should have stuck to the plan and built for the future. GMGM needs to go. Someone needs to hang for this.

  • Dan

    I thought I was used to the throbbing, endless pain of being a lifelong Caps fan. Seems like the knife could always be a little duller.

  • hopeless

    you got all your fingers and toes crossed and praying to every god you can think of? cause then it still won’t happen.

  • Bob

    Ovechcant score.

  • Bob

    Or get off his ass. He sat on the bench for the last 15 minutes of the 3rd period. Would have been nice to see him skate the final minutes with the rest of the team instead of pouting on the bench like little sissy girl from Ukraine.

  • RangersFan

    Is this what you guys are actually proud of? Your team loses what should be a close game seven, five to nothing, and you are bragging that your top player tried desperately to get his team revved up by attacking the Rangers? This is hockey, not mixed martial arts. Learn how to shoot and score when the pressure is on, you Russian neanderthal.

  • Asham is a f**ing goonclown. Can’t believe he was the death of us.