Alex Ovechkin was understandably disappointed when he met the media for the final time this season. The Caps had been eliminated from the playoffs just 15 hours earlier, the sixth career postseason defeat of Ovechkin’s career.

It wasn’t all sad though. As Chuck Gormley of CSN Washington began a question about the quality of this Caps team compared to ones in the past, an R&B song began blasting from the Kettler PA system — specifically “Ridin’ Solo” by Jason Derulo. In a surreal moment, the music kept thundering in the rink for almost a minute. Ovechkin, and most of the media, couldn’t hold a straight face. It was funny.

Jump below to listen to how the whole thing went down.

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  • That is beautiful

  • Ovechkin: “You recording this??” Yes, and you’re welcome. Also, why is it my first inclination to think that it was one Alex Semin who put on the music, pranking his best bud Sasha?

  • Dominic

    10 bucks says it was Ribs