Ovi arrives

Photo credit: championat.com

While the rest of his teammates conducted interviews on breakdown day, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin touched down in Finland for the 2013 World Championships. And we have some disappointing news: he only wore one pair of pants.

Ovi told Championat.com’s Igor Bragin that while he slept peacefully for most of the flight, the journey was not without challenges — all of the Great Eight’s gear was missing when the plane touched down.

“It’s hard to remember last time it happened. I think it was when I came home to Moscow once,” Ovechkin told Bragin, as translated by Fedor Fedin. “But it wasn’t hockey equipment and I got everything back on the next day.”

“Our equipment sponsor has all my sizes,” Ovi continued. “I think it won’t be a huge problem to deliver it. Of course, it’ll be some trouble for them to send it all, but we were assured that we’ll get everything at 9 am [Thursday].”

After getting a ride to Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena, Ovi was greeted by more reporters and conducted a ten minute press conference.

“The goal is to win the tournament again,” Ovechkin said, according to the IIHF website. “It’s very hard to do it two times in a row. We did it once, and I hope we can.”

Meanwhile, Evgeny Kuznetsov and the rest of the Russian national team were busy taking their team photo during the off day. It was weird.


All Photos via championat.com

Russia Team Picture

Russia Team Picture

Bryz = grumpy

Russia Team Picture

Varly and third-string goaltender Vasily Koshechkin

Russia Team Picture

Anisimov and Kuznetsov intrigued by Kovalchuk’s hand for whatever reason.

Russia Team Picture

Everybody say cheeeeeeseeee (or stare menacingly at the camera)!

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  • He looks far too happy for my taste…

  • Oh hey, I didn’t know Jim Halpert was Russia’s 3rd goaltender!

  • I don’t understand why we’re mad at Ovi for smiling.

  • Spot on.

  • Brandon M

    It looks like Kovalchuk is trying on Kuznetsov’s glove.

  • I’m not mad, I’m dissapointed.

  • andvari101

    Immediately thought the same thing.

  • yv

    No wonder it is so hard to score now with such GT’ pads. Would be interesting to know what GMs and league will decide about it next season.
    And Ovis agents should watch now ebay!

  • What a nasty fucking team.

  • I love Ilya Bryzgalov. Easily my favourite pro player in all of sports.

  • serpent

    Same here! Mrs.Bryz is a lucky lady.

  • richnjos

    I thought Jim was there for The Office finale.