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Adam Oates had lots to say during his breakdown-day interview at Ketler Capitals Iceplex on Wednesday, but the most interesting revelation was that he and star player Alex Ovechkin had an extended text-message chat after the team’s heartbreaking defeat in game seven of the quarterfinal round.

Upon hearing that, RMNB immediately sprung into action, contacting our sister publication across the pond, News of the World. Our brother-from-another-mother Jimmy Murdoch put us in touch with some folks, and voila!– we have recovered this conversation between Oates and Ovechkin.














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  • This is so awesome hahaha. The last one is gold.

  • jennrubenstein

    oh my god, laughing. you guys are amazing. and i guess i’m back to reading your posts without a 12 hour waiting period again.

  • silentmachine

    This is the single best thing I have ever read on the internet. Or, like, in life, period.

  • OviTooFunny

    LOL! Oatesy, it’s Ovi from hockey

  • *slow claps until october*

  • LJ

    Haha! this is great! It’s Ovi from hockey haha!

  • can someone explain the brett hull thing?

  • even strength aioli killed me

  • JenniferH

    lmao so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SmartGuy

    Stopped reading after I realized there were too many to waste time reading.

  • new shirt: Oates holding phone, facepalming – text shoots out from phone: “It’s Ovi from hockey”

  • Whenever I have any kind of deep thinking I am going to reference it as “Heavy Ovi thoughts” from now on. Amazing post!

  • Ovechwin

    When I have any kind of deep thinking from now on I am going to reference it as “Heavy Ovi thoughts.” Awesome post!

  • Mark, a few weeks ago, Oates revealed Hull texts him all the time after games. It’s playing off that.

  • brian!

    Good Lord, the Guts comment took me a second. That one alone was worth the read!

  • Damn. Brave stomach joke just killed me.
    Guys you are awesome.
    There must be a comics for this Ovi from Hockey and Oatsey stuff.

  • Katherine

    I am so happy this blog exists. You guys continue to bring the funny and it brightens my days at work, especially after Caps losses.

    Apologies for the heavy Ovi thoughts )))))

  • Livia

    You are certainly not alone in your heavy Ovi thoughts. Before reading this post, I had been thinking about how anguished Ovi’s texts must have been. Then Peter and Ian made me laugh about it. Comedy as therapy! I feel like Mickey in Woody Allen’s Hannah and her Sisters, when he is cured of suicidal depression by watching Duck Soup. Really, we should be throwing money.

  • lrhflute

    Brilliant! Just, brilliant!! And hilarious! Also brilliant? (besides “this is ovi from hockey” and “heavy ovi thoughts” was the Zach Morris phone line! Just AWESOME! I love you guys!! 😀

  • Dominic

    Do you know how difficult it is to pretend to be working when your boss can hear you laughing from your office?

  • Akay15

    You guys are going to help make this a less painful summer. Less reaching for the bottle.

  • Akay15

    You guys are going to help make this a less painful summer. Less reaching for the bottle.

  • OlietheGoalie

    “I know it’s you. I have you in my contacts.”

    Love it.

  • OC8

    Thank you! My life is complete.

  • Hockey Mom

    OMG I am laughing so hard!! My boss is wondering what’s wrong with me… “Zach Morris phone”…LMAO! Thank you, thank you. This was great!

  • JessHughes

    You guys killed it with these. Cheeks still hurting from laughing.

  • Schultz (not Jeff)

    genius – well played

  • Absolutely LOVE it!! Heavy Ovi thoughts indeed. . . Awesome!