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I appreciate the gesture, but I’d really rather not have my team’s $10-million superstar throwing his body in front of ballistic vulcanized rubber.RMNB game 6 recap

Washington’s one surviving newspaper beat writer, Katie Carrera, dropped this bomb on Thursday afternoon:

Alex Ovechkin played the final two games of the Capitals’ first-round series against New York with a hairline fracture in his left foot, according to a league source with direct knowledge of the winger’s injury.

Ovechkin reportedly sustained the injury blocking shots during the first period of game six. We wrote about it at the time.


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In games six and seven, Ovechkin scored no points and recorded just six shots on goal.

Despite the injury, which will require only rest to heal, Alex Ovechkin played for his country at the World Championship in Helsinki. Despite scoring an goal and an assist in his only game with Team Russia, Ovechkin was eliminated from the tournament.

The injury reveals a sometimes-hidden truth. Shot-blocking, while considered a sign of commitment, is often dangerous or reckless move.  In order to stop a low-risk shot by Ryan McDonagh (whose lifetime shooting percentage is a lowly 5.2%), Ovechkin actually hurt his team by impairing the skating ability of its best player.

Not a good trade.

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  • Jason

    He is selfish, he basically made his team lose. He sucked but didn’t want to take himself out of the game.

  • Bob

    He played 2 games with a fractured foot and the then played in Russia? I don’t believe it, just an excuse for him sucking!

  • Jeeper

    And who would have taken his spot on the number one line? Without Ovi they would have lost anyways, they wouldn’t have even made the playoffs with him, do you even watch hockey?

  • Jeeper

    If you would have taken the time to read the article you would known it was not possible to make the injury any worse, thats why he played for Russia

  • I’m pretty sure the coaches could have sat him if they’d felt he was a liability. That’s what coaches do, after all.

  • Jeeper


  • FStreetFaithful

    This happens every year. Within the week after a team is eliminated, it comes out just how banged up some of the players were. Meanwhile, the team moving on obviously does not disclose these. I’m sure there were some Rangers playing through injuries, and still are. There will be players lifting the Cup this year who were probably injured in the first series. In the end, you can’t judge his decision based on what we know now. If Ovechkin doesn’t block that shot, and a goal comes from it, we would be talking about how he doesn’t sacrifice enough. No different than when Ovi goes for the blind behind-the-back passes. If he hits Mike Green for a goal, we call him a genius. If it send the opposing team the other way, it’s selfish.

  • Ovi = courageous. Also, this news makes deadspin look even dumber for this story http://deadspin.com/alexander-ovechkin-would-prefer-not-to-play-defense-498552980

  • Chris

    Wow so everyone who got on him for not playing defense in game 3 is now angry he played defense and did what a captain should do and led by example in blocking a shot and is now getting ridiculed for that. I’m so sick of all these bandwagon fans who know nothing about how to play the game and didnt even start watching the caps until ovechkin came to town. Everything he does e gets criticized for because the expectations are way to high for any player and fans in dc have become spoiled.

  • He is a real hero. Without Ovi Caps=Oilers?

  • yep agree….he aint superman….hell of a player another richard number 3…

  • Last I checked there other people on this team that didn’t score either or help lift the team during games 6 and 7. Where is 19, or 90 or any of the other top 6 ?

  • A low risk shot? Are you considering the implications the shot not being blocked resulting in a deflection and a close-in Ranger with a higher shooting percentage potting a goal off of the “low percentage shooter’s” getting the puck to the net area? What about the possibilty of “momentum changing” when a player has this type up shift, laying everything on the line?

  • that is how it is..dunno what they expect why dont they clone 3 of him then he can be all over the place…

  • Did he know he was injured? If so, maybe this is what Ribiero meant when he said Ovi “has a lot to learn”? Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying Ovi is a horrible hockey player – he’s quite amazing, actually. And I’m not trying to take away from the fact that he was putting himself out there to make sure the Caps were winning games. But if you’re injured, you’re doing your team more of an injustice by staying in the game and not playing at 100%. And it’s not just Ovi that needs to be reprimanded for this – Oates, or any other coach or player, really should have the balls to say, “hey, Ovi doesn’t look right, he needs to be checked out.” and pull him out so that a healthy player can get out there in his place and play. Ovi may not have liked it, but the health of your players should always come before winning games. The Caps really shouldn’t be relying on a single player – whether it be Ovi or anyone else – to win. They have a really good roster, athletically, but their mental game is what makes or breaks them. Whether they win or lose, they do it together.

    I dunno, pardon my ramblings. It’s all “shoulda, coulda, woulda”s at this point. I hope Ovi gets better and he gets back out there soon, better than 100%.

  • But he has no heart!!!

  • Bob

    His foot hurt so bad he flew 10 hours to play with the Russian national team? Another excuse.

  • ray-ray

    go fuck yourself

  • This happens to every team, multiple times, every year. It has nothing to do with the recurring Game 7 no-show nightmares, which seems to be a franchise tradition and should be our only concern at this point.

  • Mike

    I Don’t think questioning his ability to play at below 100% is really an issue considering he was one of the few players who came out flying in game 7. He really brought it in the last game and if I’m not mistaken led the game in hits by far, might have been in double digits midway through the 2nd. Would have been nice to see a few more goals but that’s always gonna be tough when nicky and mojo are so hesitant to shoot.

  • Ghenghiz Cohen

    It was completely irresponsible. Should have notified the coach. It was bad enough, all the turnovers. But this was the frozen limit, to be sure.

  • They allready hired special agent Maria for that purpose. The process will take some time though.

  • and must be ashamed of himself!

  • Nice try 🙂
    He is soooo selfish, he did it on purpose to have a good excuse for his bad play in case of elimination. C’mon, please, say it.
    Haters gonna hate…

  • You suck without any excuses.

  • maveric101

    What makes you think Oates didn’t know?

  • Dave

    haha this kinda sounds like the same situation with the Redskins this year and RGIII

  • All I can say about it is, “*sigh* Oh, DC Sports… thou art a heartless bitch.”

  • ilan

    especially when Aaron Asham scores two goals against us this series, no shot in the playoffs is low riskl in my opinion unless it is a boston bruin fan faux-slashing holtby from point blank range

  • ilan

    *Boston Bruin forward