Alex Ovechkin’s Walking Boot (Photo)


After Russia was eliminated from the World Championships in Helsinki on Thursday, a league source told The Washington Post’s Katie Carrera that Alex Ovechkin suffered a hairline fracture in his foot after blocking a shot in game six. Late Thursday, as the Russian national team landed in Moscow, Ovi was photographed in the terminal by R-Sport with his luggage, including a walking boot. Poor guy.

If Maria wants to make wedding plans, this is the time to do it. He’s hobbled; he can’t run away!

11:30AM Update: Ovechkin has tweeted a photo with himself wearing the boot.


Thanks to the awesome tumbleblog varlysuperfan for first posting.

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  • Jay Cutler

    *boot, not booth :)

  • Ian Oland

    Thanks, fixed. Also, Jay Cutler is that really you?

  • blondinwrx

    pffft, he’s faking. obvi an excuse.

  • fan

    Time to return the machine back to the factory; needs re-tooled.