On April 23rd, reigning Norris trophy winner/Matt Cooke assault victim Erik Karlsson joined Twitter. In just 34 days, the Swedish defenseman has revolutionized the Internet with one hashtag: #lalala. In 59 tweets, Karlsson has used the hashtag 11 times. That’s a league-leading 19% hashtag rate.

A few examples:

On May 1st, Ottawa Sun reporter Don Brennan tried to figure out what the phrase meant, but Karlsson stonewalled him. “You’re going to figure it out after awhile I think,” he said. “It’s still early in the Twitter career. It’s a very special thing.”


Since I’m 28-years-old and no longer hip with what the kids say these days, I did some research. Urban Dictionary describes lalala as “a filler to represent the state of being happy, confused, or just about any emotion you can imagine.” Also noteworthy: Karlsson retweeted Snoop Lion, who has a song on the topic.

Still no idea what this means. Oh well, yolo.

And then on Monday, Nicklas Backstrom was driving around Sweden and sent Karlsson a tweet.

Backstrom says, as translated by blog buddy Jake Ware, “is this your boat?”

Karlsson responds, “Hahahah, Yes. It is on a trailer on the way to the GBG.” GBG is an abbreviation for Gothenburg, or Göteborg in Swedish, which is Sweden’s second biggest city. Karlsson wasn’t born there, but that is where Frölunda, his old junior team, is based. Karlsson likely resides there over the summer.

Backstrom then finishes the conversation by saying, “That’s boss.”

Swedes, man. They’re weird.

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  • Coolast

    Stockholm is the biggest, not GBG (very important)

  • My bad. Jake told me that, forgot to include #lalala

  • Chip

    The Caps off season is hitting a feverish pitch isn’t it haha I love RMNB

  • Kevin

    The only thing better than offseason RMNB is RMNB during the season!

  • MattyMFR

    I’ve heard this used by young persons as slang for marijuana. It’s also in the Urban Dictionary under la la la. It seems plausible to me that #lalala could mean something along the lines of “dude, I’m totally stoned right now.” Think about it… bonfire, on a walk with a glass of water, room service = munchies, #lazyday, “what a feeling”… He’s high. The reggae track lends credence to this hypothesis. Erik Karlsson is a stoner!

  • Rhino40

    quod erat demonstrandum