Meet the Leonsis Puppies: Coco and Lulu


The Capitals’ other minority owners, Coco and Lulu

Growing up, Elle Leonsis always wanted a dog. But when she asked her parents, she was rebuffed by Dad. Like 10% of Americans, Ted and son Zach are allergic to cats and dogs.

But Elle kept at it and eventually it wore down another member of the family, Mom. One day in 2005, the family’s matriarch made a unilateral decision while trying to keep everyone’s wishes in mind. When Ted and Zach came home that night was a small, barking bundle of joy waiting on the couch. Coco, the family’s first pet, was greeted with watering eyes and sneezes.

Despite some initial trepidation, the relentlessly adorable Toy Yorkshire Terrier eventually got Ted and Zach right in the feels, quickly becoming a member of the family. It was either the yapping, the scampering, the cuddling, or the dog’s desire to guard the house despite its miniature size– one of those qualities did the trick. Plus, Coco’s smallness minimized allergic reactions from Ted and Zach.

Seven years later, the family decided Coco could use a companion, so one day in 2012 they brought home a second Yorkie, a puppy named Lulu. (Mom named both dogs.)

The pups bring joy to a family constantly under the microscope. The ambitious new websites and sports franchises might demand a lot of attention away from home, but Coco and Lulu are the main attraction at the Leonsis homestead, and that’s totally fine by Ted, Lynn, Zach, and Elle.





Thanks to Zach Leonsis for sharing the story and photos. Follow him on Twitter.

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