Laaaaadies. (Screenshot via reader Paddy P.)

Last week, Alex Ovechkin and companion walking boot made the trek to Paris to cheer for his fiancee Maria Kirilenko (and BAY) at the French Open. Maria had a successful tournament, advancing to the quarterfinals of the Open for the first time beforing losing to Viktoria Azarenka of Belarus, a part-time lion tamer and also the third ranked women’s player in the world.

Not winning the shiny Roland Garros trophy isn’t the end of the world. As of next week, Maria will break into the WTA’s top-10 rankings for the first time in her career. The highest she’s ever been ranked previously was 12th. Do we credit Ovechkin’s cheering? We credit Ovechkin’s cheering.

Now let’s summarize what you missed.

Ovi likes the view apparently.

Ovi humored by fans wanting things.


YESSSHHH. (GIF by sexylenko)


GIF by sexylenko


The interview after Maria’s fourth round victory. (GIF by sexylenko)


GIF by sexylenko


Maria’s excited.


Congrats, Maria. (GIF by maria-kirilenko)

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  • MarkGreenway

    I would be very entertained if she picked up ovie’s goal celebration jump into the boards thing with big plays in tennis. Would be good for the game

  • I dig that idea!

  • Though she might cause a lot of property damage doing this.

  • Sentientcheese

    missed a golden opportunity for a tank girl reference: Lets do it!just do it!!!!@mkirilenko

    Caption: LETS FALL IN LOOOOOOVE (even the birds and beees do it!)

  • jon

    I think i’d prefer the “Hot Racket”