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Tonight, Alex Ovechkin was awarded the Hart Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s MVP. It’s the third time in his career he’s won the award.

It’s a big freaking deal, especially if we consider the context of the local sports landscape. According to CSN’s Ben Raby, no DC-based athlete of any of the major four sports has ever won the MVP more than twice (the Senators’ Walter Johnson did so in 1913 and 1924). As much as Redskins fans love RGIII, this may even be a feat even he cannot accomplish.

Ovi, of course, looked relaxed when making his acceptance speech. With Paris in the background, Ovi thanked everyone from the coaches to the trainers and also credited his move to right wing as the catalyst that led to his huge year. The video seems to have been recorded when he was in Paris with fiancée Maria Kirilenko for the French Open, with cheering heard in the background and some lovely architecture behind him.

“Thank you very much for award,” Ovi said in the video. “I’m very sorry I can’t be there. I want to say thanks my family — my mom, dad, brother — all my friends, my fiancée Maria who support me all the time with my family. Big thanks to my line mates, teammates, all the coaching staff, trainers — they do great job, especially coaching staff. They put me on the right wing. It was kinda hard, but as everybody knows I like some challenges. It was a big challenge for me, for coaching staff, but we make it. Thank you very much and have a good night.”

Additional reporting by Chris Gordon

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  • JenniferH

    Thanks for this! I like that he stressed thanking the coaching staff, and even mentioned the RW stuff. Such a deserved win

  • yv

    Hooray to Ovi, you are molodets, well deserved! Keep it up with the Caps and most important and desirable one should also come in bunches.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Puck goes in net.

  • jeremiah

    thought on a different award.. how bad do you think the flyers fans and mangement feel about trading away the best goalie this year after years of goalie issues.
    ovi dsserved the award.

  • We reported Bob signing with Philadelphia about a month and a half before anyone else did a few years ago. Take a look at this story. We knew he’d be a good player. Not sure why Philly didn’t.


  • Rhino40



  • jeremiah

    i thought he was good from what i heard about him probably from your site. the trade though made no sense unless you were a jackets fan. my comment wasn’t a slight at you, it wasa musing of the decison to trade bob and the next year he wins best goalie award.. i find yorur site amusing and informative