Who won the NHL’s Hart Trophy this year? If you ask this anchor in Australia, the answer is not Alex Ovechkin. For more anti-Russian bias from countries that were at one time under the rule of the United Kingdom, read on.

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Aleister Ochvekin, which is the name of Paul Bunyan’s other blue ox or an octagonal black magician, is apparently the winner of the NHL’s award for most valuable payer.

This is what happens when your society is descended from criminals, governed by the guy from Midnight Oil, and has toilets that flush the wrong way.

But props to Australia anyway. The recognition, albeit mispronounced, is comparable to what DC-area news stations gave Alex, and that’s sad.

  • Chelsea Winot

    Allister ochvekin? I’m surprised they even cover the NHL in Australia to be honest.

    The kangaroo on the other hand is great.

  • Pat

    Wow. In the year 2013 when the internet is everywhere and information is about anything is very easy to find… a legit broadcasting company or their sports section which makes this even more hilarious and odd manage to fuck up the name of the NHL MVP. Geez. Yeah I know his last name might cause SOME trouble but jesus christ Alistair ? Really Alistair?…

  • I guess this makes my name in Australian: Orville Oleander.

  • Dark Stranger

    Crazy thing. I actually saw that the name Alistair (and some alternate spellings) is a Scottish variation of the name Alexander so these Aussies were not the first to do that. Aussies taking their cue from the Scots, I guess

  • Aleister Ochvekin? I’ve never heard that one before. I’ve heard of Aleksandr Ovetjkin (the translation that results if you use the IIHF guide), but that’s inexcusable for any news organization to botch a name that badly.

  • beny485

    i am an australian cap fan and when someone pronouces it wrong i go ballistic

  • Are you going ballistic right now?

  • Rhino40

    This is not surprising in a country where hockey is not the pervasive institution that it is in North America and Northern Europe. But seriously:

    This is what happens when your society is descended from criminals, governed by the guy from Midnight Oil, and has toilets that flush the wrong way.


    Funny stuff, Ian, and all more or less true, but perhaps we could cut our friends Down Under a little slack:

    • “descended from criminals” –Is this really their own fault, or that of the same British Empire that created the Russophobic Dominion of Canada?
    • “governed by the guy from Midnight Oil” –Um, we in the USA have elected actors, wrestlers, hoop stars and quarterbacks to high office– so why not a rocker? At least Peter Garrett is serious about social justice and the environment–I’d vote for him over Ted Nugent any day.
    • “and has toilets that flush the wrong way.“–Again, not the Aussies’ fault, but caused by coriolis forces. An American-made commode installed anyhwere in the Southern Hemisphere would do the same thing. Might as well blame a crocodile for having scales.
    There’s good stuff too…
    • Everyone over 18 is encouraged to register, and all who register must vote. This makes for a more truly representative democracy than the pay-to-play system we have here.
    • Autralian Rules Football…Oi!
    • “Fawstas…Ustrallyun fuh Bee-Yah”
    • Nicole Kidman.

  • Follow those links. 2 of the 3 are myths.

  • Kangaroo Ben

    Another Aussie Caps fan here (since watching the 1998 playoff run). Yeah, can’t say I’m surprised at that – barely anyone knows anything about hockey here, and that presenter would have being speaking straight off the auto-cue, probably didn’t practice it at all. Thank god for the Internet so that us Caps fans ‘Down Under’ can follow Ovie and the boys! Watching them lose Game 7 to the Rags at 9 in the morning then having to head off for a day’s work really sucked…

  • Rhino40

    I know, Peter…but I just sort of…had to, ya know?

  • ChuchutrainLA

    muaaah… no biggie….Russians can’t say longer anglo names worth of shit either… Trust me, I am Russian:)

  • beny485