I will not make fun of Ovi’s shoes. I will not make fun of Ovi’s shoes. I will not make fun of Ovi’s shoes.

After returning home to see some family in Russia earlier in the week, Alex Ovechkin is back where he belongs. And that place is the warm embrace of Maria Kirilenko. Maria has spent the past few days getting ready for Wimbledon in London. It’ll be her first grand slam tourney as a top-ten rated player.

Also of note: Ovi is no longer rocking the boot. His broken foot must be healing. Also, I’m not making fun of his shoes.

Where’d he get those Nikes? At uglyshoes.com? Amirite?

Photo credit: @mkirilenko

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  • Ash

    Are we sure his broken foot didn’t leave him temporarily colorblind? It would be kind of like the time Mike Green’s sprained ankle morphed into an upper body injury.

  • I hope you will all join me in mourning the loss of the 10 fluorescent Nerf footballs that selflessly gave up their lives to be turned into those shoes.

  • Annie Lockyer

    I own a pair of shoes that look like they’d be friends with Ovi’s shoes and I am not ashamed. Do I care if they go to raves and drop E when I’m not running in them? No, I do not, because it’s like running on G D clouds, Ian. CLOUDS. Anthropomorphized mismatched liza frank lookin’ technicolor clouds for over-pronators. Haters to the left. *drops mic*

  • Manda

    I don’t care what they look like, just TIETHELACES!!! YOUTOOMARIA!

  • Sasha Liles

    It hasn’t even been a month and he already looks chubby.

  • No, we’re not doing this again.

  • Chelsea Winot

    It’s not so much the shoes, but the elastic band sweatpants paired with them. That’s the part I mind.

  • bskillet

    Maybe that’s to distract anyone from thinking he’s the NHL’s MVP!!

  • Newmaje

    Love the shoes, but can we discuss the highwater not-quite-capris pants he’s got on? Unfortunate.

  • Yo8

    Good thing there is not yellow, violet, and red in those shoes or he will be banned from team Russia.

    You know evil gay propaganda!

  • Ash

    You know, the only way this pic could be better is if he were wearing his sweat-jeans.

  • ChuchutrainLA

    WTF are those sweat pants? chto ETO? Sasha..nu ti pizdec kone4no!!!

  • I rock the obnoxious kicks too. Ovi is biting my style. AGAIN.

  • Alice Fraggle


  • CDizz

    It’s his posture.

  • Sasha Liles

    His posture and some man boobs.

  • rogy

    Hi I live in London great fun of Ovi anyone knows where is is hotel in London ???? I want some photos!!!!!

  • Isobel Moody

    Sadly, Maria went out in her first round, the first of many casualties of three days so far of completely shocking upsets, culminating in men’s titans Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer. Particularly unfortunate for her because it’ll cost her a lot of points and her spot in the top 10, and when her Olympic points are due to come off it may be hard for her to get back in. I like to think she and Ovie are mutually good for each other, but this imitation of his first-round exit is not a good idea…