• Topher Gee

    Why did I have to click the Eli link… WHY?!


  • cesy_avon

    I think you win some extra pageviews for that.

  • Guest

    Ovi: Hello Mr Kitty, you play hockey?
    cat: meow
    Ovi: No? I eat you t’en!
    cat: *hiss*

  • Dark Stranger

    Could that cat be the cat, Tayson, that they had acquired earlier?

  • Catherine__M

    That cat is on a leash. Is there *anything * that man can’t do?! I tried to pull that on my cat only once…..Never Again.

  • Freedoooom

    Not sure if Eli fat or bucket just really small.

  • Correction: “Hello Mr. Kitty, it’s Ovi from hockey.”

  • Mishka

    someone needs to photoshop Ovechkin checking that cat into the boards

  • hopeless

    Russian cats understand their place…