Six years ago, July 1st, 2007, Washington Capitals general manager George McPhee signed veteran Russian forward Viktor Kozlov from the New York Islanders to a two-year, $5 million deal. It proved to be a wise move. Kozlov played on the Caps’ first line with Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom, scoring 29 goals and tallying 94 points in 148 games. Ovechkin won the Rocket Richard and Hart trophies both seasons he was paired with Kozlov.

They’re still bros today. Ovechkin attended Kozlov’s wedding on Free Agent Frenzy Friday with fiancée Maria Kirilenko. I’d give you more juicy details about the wedding, but both Fedor and Igor, who can actually understand the Russian interwebs, are traveling today.

What I can do is link to my all-time favorite Capitals interview, featuring Ovechkin, Kozlov, Alex Semin, and Sergei Fedorov speaking and giggling through a feature with Lisa Hillary.

That’s the stuff.

Since his days in Washington, Kozlov has returned to Russia and played for Salavat Yulaev, Lokomotiv, and CSKA of the KHL.

  • Freedoooom
  • yv

    It’s good to be a Caps player in Russia!

  • Shehryar Shaukat

    that interview never fails to kill me…

  • Zach Little

    Kozlov’s wife is the epitome of a beautiful Russian woman.

  • William Obuschking Busch

    clip on,

  • R.O’B.

    can we bring the hair back.

  • My favourite Kozlov (and other Caps Russians) photo, hahahaha.

  • CapitaLOLs

    I miss Semin pretending he doesn’t know English.

  • richnjos

    In Russia all ties have recorder for KGB and KHL. hahahaha!!

  • Starlet Smith

    Really, Maria?! You’re wearing white at someone else’s wedding? You are NOT the bride (yet)!

  • Rhino40

    In Soviet Russia, necktie wears you

  • Yo8

    Really, are you bitching over such a stupid old tradition?! I really want to know how someone can confuse the bride with Kirilenko wearing a small summer dress with black stripes and black thick straps. How is she outshining the very elegant bride again?

  • Starlet Smith

    Other people were complaining Ovi not wearing a tie! Just making a comment, you don’t have to be so rude!

  • Yo8

    “you don’t have to be so rude!” Says the girl who’s putting other people down for what they are wearing. And just because other people are complaining on Ovi not wearing a tie that doesn’t mean you can go and target Maria. How about everyone minds their own business and leave this pair alone!

    There are people out there in the world that doesn’t even have a good pair of shoes and you people are complaining over a tie and the color of a dress.

  • Starlet Smith

    You know what Yo8? There is no need for controversy, and it was never my intention to start a rampage. Let us be reminded this is a hockey blog, not a fashion blog. Chill out dude.

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    Tell that to yourself because I don’t give damn about what they are wearing.

    PS. I wonder who is the person that keeps disliking my comments. Probably someone that can take criticism and yet goes to criticize others…

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    It is absolutely amazing to me how pathetic this whole thing is, that you feel the need to start petty fights via the Internet by instigating and creating something out of nothing. Shame, shame. Pleasure yourself now, as you will regret your hateful ways someday.

  • Bri-bri

    I find it VERYYY interesting that you are starting such a stupid fight with someone you don’t even know. I am appalled at the words being spoken. It is just a comment, people usually don’t wear white to a wedding. So I think it is perfectly acceptable to make a comment about the color of her dress.. So just get over yourself and grow up. And lets keep with what we all love, HOCKEYYYY

  • We’re starting a fashion blog next year.

  • RMKGB – Russian Machine Klothes r GR8 BOOM!