Free Agency Frenzy Open Thread 2013

free agency

At noon on Friday, NHL teams can begin signing free agents. This will be the first free agency period under the new collective-bargaining agreement and its diminished salary cap, but if you think that means GMs all of a sudden are going to start behaving rationally, nu-uh. Get ready for some overly long terms and capacious paychecks for players of middling ability. Because it’s summertime, and that’s when we all make decisions we later regret– NHL teams not exempt.

Teams and players have actually been talking since like Wednesday, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re looking at a pretty active afternoon. We’ll be RTing legit news sources from @russianmachine, but you can also follow along here, where I’ll keep a running tally of who goes where– especially anyone of interest to the DC universe.

P.S. Matt Hendricks is gon’ get paid.



And with that, we conclude this open thread. No action by DC whatsoever, and that is totally fine. McPhee has all summer to make moves, and he’s wise not to overpay like Glendale or self-immolate like Toronto. The team has very specific needs, and this market may not offer good solutions right now. We don’t want Washington to make moves just to look like they’re busy. It’s a long way to October.

Have a good weekend everybody! We’ll have a lot more coverage coming.

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  • OlietheGoalie

    What if I work AT Chipotle? Are pants optional, but somewhat encouraged? People in line don’t see behind the apron anyway.

    (Also, still going to miss Wagon. I’m still hoping there’s a way we keep him. Ribs? Don’t let the door hit your ass.)

  • If you work at Chipotle, you’re basically a saint in my book and you can get away with anything.

  • VeggieTart

    Why do I get the feeling that GMGM will sit on his hands?

  • free agency is notorious for overspending– wouldn’t be awful if the Caps are quiet

  • John Atchison

    Ah, but if this team goes into next season with what they have now, what word would you describe them with?

  • golf-ish

  • That Clowe deal is a joke right? He scored THREE goals. THREE. And was hurt all year.

  • Big overpayment, but he’s not bad. Kicked a fair bit of ass in SJS.

  • John Atchison

    This is embarrassing. To think what this team can fit under the cap, but our FO jettisons players to save the likes od Marcus “Ive proved nothing” Johansson

  • The Pens are gonna be hosed in the future though.

    I’m a big MJ90 critic, but I think a short-term contract will give him a chance to prove himself– independent of that awful concussion he had before February.

  • John Atchison

    Peter, says who? Teams like the Pens always find ways around Cap issues. Besides, this Caps crap about looking down the road is crap. You play for each season, not five yrs dwn the road. They have no real plan. Draft guys like Forsberg and tell everyone look at 2014. Then trade him for a 30 something forward…There is no gameplan here…None

  • Sam

    I love hearing all this good talk about “staying put” and keeping quiet….pretty sure the good teams and the teams that win make bold moves and make key additions to their hockey clubs. Last time I checked, it’s been so long since GMGM did that. Why he is still around is beyond me. I means Ted has given this guy way too many chances. This is his last year right? If we fail to make a conference finals…he’s gone…no? I mean what GM is allowed to hire 5 coaches? Most guys don’t get the opportunity to hire 2….
    It’s the same plan of action each year. Sam song and dance wig this team. Every year GMGM comes to podium before free agency or after the draft and says…”well, it’s good to stay quiet and I don’t see any real big moves coming for us. We like our guys and we feel that we could go into next year with this group and be really good”…..oh yeah? Spoken like a GM who you would think has been in the Stanley cup a few times let alone a conference championship…it amazes me that this puppet doesn’t get criticized more. This team constantly has issues a the same 2 positions for about the last 5-6 years. WTF caps fans!

  • Joey Doukmetzian

    Capgeek has Pittsburgh with 750k in cap space left lol

    CapGeek ‏@capgeek16m

    #NHL #Penguins down to $750K in cap space with three roster openings.

  • It’s gonna get tight there in 2013. Should be fun to watch.

  • Sam

    Because that’s all he ever does. He’s horrible at managing the cap, awful at drafting (got lucky with too picks and getting Ovechkin). The talent never pans out at the NHL level…and we hold on to guys too long. We never make trades to bolster our team or add guys with the certain character needed. We continue to have the same problems that we had 5 years ago…it’s enough with this guy already.

  • I dunno, man. I see as many bad deals as good ones. Trades and prospects seem to be better ways to build strong teams. I’m sure there are unearthed gems to be found today (Boyd Gordon was one), but I don’t wanna see the Caps get bogged down with more bad contracts.

  • Ash

    Er. I disagree. Bold moves ≠ smart or best moves. Just ask the Flyers. or hey, look back at the great Jagr experiment. Or ask this year’s playoff Pens.

    GMGM rarely makes big free agent signings, and prefers to try to trade for stuff within the year. To expect otherwise means you haven’t been paying attention to the way he operates. And it’s inaccurate to say that he hasn’t made some key additions at times for what we were looking for and for which were solid deals at the time. (Knuble, Vokoun, Ward, Fehr 2.0, Brouwer, Ribeiro, all within the last couple years.) We don’t sign the free agent superstars because we already have two major names with two large contracts, Ovi and Nicky, as well as Mike Green.

  • Andy

    Looks like no major moves for the capitals today. We have missed out on all the big names (that can be a good thing IMO). I keep the opinion that the capitals will sign no FA that are somewhat big names (maybe moves like Crabb last season).

    If we make any moves at all it will be a trade later

  • Ash

    I imagine the game plan regarding Forsberg was “flip an unproven prospect who’s still at least two years out for a proven top six NHLer who can play with our superstar right now.” Many of Ovi’s best years didn’t have him surrounded by the best pieces, and I don’t think it’s a terrible idea to try and push right now. I do think the Caps are capable of both playing for the season at hand and looking down the road.

  • I think he’s done a good job drafting over the last 5 years or so (Kuznetsov, Orlov, Barber, Wilson). He manages the cap well (see our last Kundratek story). The team is consistently a contender. Ovechkin was the MVP. Oates was a great hire at coach. Boudreau was before him.

    My beef with GMGM is his asset management as of late. We trade Eakin/picks for Ribeiro, lose Ribeiro for nothing. We give up a lot for Erat. They let Semin walk for nothing.

    Yet then you contrast that with him trading Varly for a King’s ransom to Colorado two years ago. I like what GMGM has done over the long haul.

  • And the more I think about it, the more I’m intrigued at them trying him at 2C again.

  • By fun I hope you mean hilarious.

  • Ash

    Out of curiosity, would you want Ribeiro back at the deal he got from Arizona? Because I don’t. Knowing what they knew at the time, I think they still swap Eakin for Ribs every time, and I think it’s the right move. I don’t see much of a place for Eakin with the Caps right now if we’d kept him. And I think we got a lot of time out of Semin when he was here– I dunno, I don’t think he would have brought back as much of a haul as people think he would have at the trade deadline, given the league’s attitude towards him, and I don’t know if we get to the second round or even the playoffs without him.

    Of course, there’s the debate over what value he could have as a bargaining chip for trading for other players.

  • I want it to get to the point where they can’t call-up players because they’re ten dollars over the cap.

  • Oh I wouldn’t be sure the Caps aren’t gonna do anything. Last few years they’ve showed up– just late in the day.

  • I have doubts too, but regarding Pittsburgh: Letang + Crosby + Malkin = most of PIT’s salary for the next 7 years. It’s a problem unless they win the Cup ASAP.

  • Sam

    Okay, first d all I pay plenty close attention to this team and have watched the plan of action never change. We have had the same 2 holes in our lineup for 5 freakin years (2nd line center and a D-men). Also, GMGM “prefers trading” what trade has he made besides Brouwer that “put us over the top”? Dude, look at penguins and look at flyers…okay they make some bad decisions management wise but both have been in the Stanley cup recently and penguins have won. Look man, maybe I am a little spoiled because I am a ravens fan and know what good cap management and roster management looks like, but I also know what bad management looks like and that’s been GMGM throughout the past 5 years…

    Also, never mention mike greens name again…he’s one that McPhee has held on to way too long and he should have been dealt years ago. Waste of our patience. The dude can’t play a lick or defense and I’m not gonna even go into his injury dilemmas…

  • No, I wouldn’t want Ribeiro back. You have Kuznetsov coming. Perreault was awesome on the third line. Mojo played well at the end of the year and showed a lot of promise. There’s no reason to give him a 3 or 4 year deal at that money and block guys who can provide value for the team.

    I would have traded him at the deadline.

  • I’m with ya, though I’m a lot cooler on the prospects than you are.

    I wanna see the team be honest and public about its plans for the future– rebuilding while keeping the core for example. I wanna see a plan to compete with the new division, which will be tough.

    Not just one year rentals, but young players on their RFAs signed to deals where they’ll develop here.

  • Ditto.

  • Troy

    Ribs :,( you were the best player on the caps this past year and not signing you back proves more and more how inept George McPhee is :,( I hope you get selected to the All-Star team and have more success than the caps, because our management must be full of 12 year old idiots. Your one year in DC proved how good of a TEAM player you are (something the caps lack) and Ribs is worth every bit of a 5 mil a year deal (think about it, Ovechkin makes 9.5 a year…) I love you Ribs, thanks for a game 5 OT win, and being the only player to show up in games 6 & 7 vs the Rangers. Thanks for reviving out powerplays single-handedly, thanks for getting Brouwer 19 goals (how the f**k?) Most importantly, thanks for serving up at least 18 of ovechkin’s goals on a silver platter….. Caps fans will see next year how big of a loss you were to not re-sign :,(
    (I guess) one of the intelligent capitals supporters

  • If Ribs is spending his Friday afternoon reading this blog, that’s a poor way of celebrating his new contract.

    I disagree with everything you said and your tone.

    And punctuation.

  • Ash

    Fair by me. I feel like we don’t make playoffs trading him at deadline, but whether or not that’s a good thing– *Kanye-shrug* Hey, maybe that sparks a better rebuild for the Caps. I dunno.

  • Troy

    Because having Laich as a 2nd line center really sets us up to compete for bottom dweller in our division…. Lmao McPhee has driven this team into the ground in the last 4 years…. Should just let someone who cares/wants to win more than awards have the GM job. What a joke.

  • Sam

    I’m sorry, but he’s just run his course. It’s time for a new leader and new direction. What kinda organization allows a GM to hire more than 2-3 coaches in a tenure. This guy has gotten the old back rub from Ted too many times. Idk what you see here by drafting well. Go recently to guys like varly,Schultz, Johansson just to name a few. You cannot tell me kuz and Wilson cuz they aren’t proven. My problem is he doesn’t know how to make trades. How do you let Ribeiro walk without trading him mid year, Same with semin. Also, how on earth do we continue to have the same problems each and every year. Honestly, each we’ve been contenders each year, but in a weak ass division and all we so is get bounces quickly…we’re about to now enter tough territory with a hard division and we never do anything in the playoffs so what’s your point?!

  • Agreed. I said earlier on Twitter, my bet is they sign a top-six-ish guy kinda like they did with Wolski last year. And with that buyout to Schultz, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a guy under 1mil.

  • Troy

    GMGM’s picks over the last 4 years have made ABSOLUTELY ZERO IMPACT IN THE PLAYOFFS (ya know, that part of the season when it actually matters?) Lets draft and sign more flimsy Europeans and then try to make up for it by picking up 4th liners that don’t even understand any other word besides “hit.” McPhee couldn’t put together a TOP TO BOTTOM TEAM if he had no cap & unlimited funds.

  • Tommy

    Philly went to the finals after getting in on the last day of the regular season; Played well enough if you discount the combined GAA of Bobrovsky, Michael Let-in and the other goalie, whose name I forget. But, Philly’s gone down hill since, signing Pronger and Bryz to ridiculous contracts and eating up space. Also, in a bold move, Philly traded their scoring leaders and heart of the team, who eventually won a Cup. I would not say the Pens are model franchise either considering they mortgaged their future this year for a team that went as far as it would have without Morrow, Iginla and Murray.
    Caps team is in place and I believe that we will win the cup. Had we gotten through Rd 1, with all its “irregularities” I think we would have competed for the Cup this year. I think we can compete next year if we find some scoring depth and a solid top 6 dman.

  • Troy

    Pittsburgh will fill it with two-ways, and when the cap is up to 85+ mil in 5 years they will have 3 full lines of all-stars….. The pens Re setting up for a god damn dynasty and the caps can’t even keep their 2nd Center spot filled….

  • Ash

    I suspect we have fundamental differences of opinion, and honestly your multiple comments on this post make me think we just aren’t going to agree on anything. Needless to say I think you are wrong about McPhee as a manager– he’s not the best, but he is not the worst by a LONG shot.

    I also think you are wrong about Mike Green, and if you feel that way about him after watching how the Caps play with him and without him, well, I can only conclude we are watching different teams.

  • Michael Blaesing

    Just an inquiry, if management had elected to trade Ribeiro at the deadline, what would have been the expected return? The sharknado gif is amazing by the way.

  • Sam

    Listen to yourself…all ifs, ifs, and more ifs. Of course if we got past round 1 and of course if we sign scoring depth and defenseman, but dude c’mon…like I said, it’s the same song a dance with this team.
    Here’s the realities and not the “ifs”. We never make it past round 1 and when we do we get bounced (usually embarrassingly…see Tampa series) in round 2 and we always head into the off season looking for a 2nd line center, scoring depth and a defenseman…what has changed over the last 5 years? Nada…time for McPhee to go kid. Queue Ernie still having a job with the wizards…

  • No idea. I’m awful at that business stuff. I know lots of people wanted him though.

  • Troy

    Kuznetsov+Mojo+Perreault AT CENTER have provided less in their ENTIRE CAREERS (any league) than Ribeiro did last year (in a lockout shortened season, mind you that.) Ribeiro was THE BEST PLAYER FOR THE WASHINGTON CAPITALS IN 2013 and we let him walk… For NOTHING.

  • Tommy

    Also, if we are honest with ourselves, and we thought the Caps might compete for the Cup with the team they had last year, would it be smart to trade one of our top point producers in the middle of a run?

  • Sam

    intrigued about mojo at second line center again?! LORD…intrigued by what? To see him fail again…and us be back here on July 5th 2014 looking for yet another 2nd line center…c’mon dude. enough of this nonsense…you sound like GMGM and we all see he doesn’t get it…

  • Andy

    Yeah but I dont think another Wolski is going to be a 2C. The talent pool on this years FA market really isnt there to give us enough of a 2c to put together a serious top 6.

    Not to mention we dont have a 4th top d

  • Sam

    Troy…AGREED! Finally someone speaks my language…avid watchers of the CAPS would know GMGM has run his course…just like Boudreau did as a coach.

  • A) at the trade deadline the Caps were barely in the playoff race
    B) Ribeiro got a lot of Ovi assists and power play assists, but wasn’t driving play.
    C) Ribeiro made Ovechkin play worse.

  • Michael Blaesing

    Thanks anyway. I was a big proponent of Mike Ribeiro until I read all of the articles on his ‘fancystats’ citing his terrible possession numbers, and how he apparently made Ovechkin ‘worse’.

  • Michael Blaesing

    Bleacherreport is saying Tim Thomas would be an ideal fa signing for the Caps, does that make any sense to anyone?

  • Sam

    top 6ish guy and you just put Wolski in that conversation?! LORD LORD LORD…this is exactly the type of move WE DO NOT WANT and the type of move that GMGM ALWAYS freakin makes…..Wolski sucked and he is not a top 6ish guy hes a bum….c’mon man

  • Tommy

    Hockey isn’t football. If it was so easy, as you make it sound, there are at least 20 other teams that haven’t figured out recently, including some very good teams you might admire. I love that more people watch and passionately care about the Capitals, kid, but it is annoying when these same “fans” fail to see the complexity of building a winner. Most, if not all, winning teams are built 5 or more years before they actually go. Caps have the core, including solid defense, goal tending and scoring. We are in better shape than the Pens, NYR, NYI, Win, Car, Tampa Bay, etc. And, personally, I like that GMGM lets talent grow and develop. I enjoy feeling connected to the team, watching players enter the minors, then break-in, then compete, then win/lose. That is part of the fun. Caps could use a few pieces but they played the best hockey I ve seen them play last year, and they were one bad game 7 away from moving on.

  • Stopped reading after “Bleacherreport”

  • I wasn’t sure about your argument at first, but your CAPITALIZED WORDS convinced me.

  • Sam

    “one bad game 7″…take a look into your history books and see how the caps fair in game 7’s bro…We ALWAYS do this… were you surprised at our game 7 effort against the NYR? I hope not…
    Also, I know what a winner looks like and how to build one…maybe I am a little spoiled because I am a Ravens fan and therefore, I am used towatching how the “best” opperate, but I am lets be real…yes, it takes a few years for teams to develop but its not like were sniffing stanley cups…let alone a conference championship. We can’t even get out of the first round…year in and year out its the same thing over and over again. How can GMGM sit there at the end of every draft and say “we feel good about our team and if we had to go into the season right now with the guys we have we could win”….win what? the regular season?…who cares…? we need to win in the playoffs and i’m sorry, but we just don;t have the roster for that type of winning…in fact, its not even close to assembled.

  • letzgoterps


  • Tommy

    1. Football is easier than hockey.
    2. The teams like the Ravens, like Pens, Caps, Van, Calgary, Det, SJ, etc etc etc build when they are terrible. Reference the Ravens after they’ve begun their next rebuild.
    3. Caps played a great series, this year, against NYR, except for the last game. I am sorry they lost but I am excited about the hockey they played.
    4. You probably only know a “winner” after they win. Again, the Ravens looked like, and people said, they couldnt win in the playoffs. And then Flacco went off.
    If I had to bet money, I would say you will be back on here crowing about the caps when they win their cup. You’ll say youre spoiled because youre a caps fan, etc. Caps are good. And, I am thankful GMGM, and not some fans, is managing our team.

  • TorontoCapsFan

    Really hope they get Grabovski. Is a good possession player that could definitely centre the Caps second line. Plus maybe they can get him on the cheaper side because he still is getting buyout money.

  • JD Hix

    Kind of can’t believe there’s not more talk about trying to get Grabovski. Should be much less expensive with the complience buyout and he really fits what we need to fill top 6 wise.

  • Tommy

    Fillpula would be good too.

  • Troy is right

    My tone is from being a frustrated capitals fan that hasn’t seen a team win back-to-back playoff series since before we started wearing red again BUT having the talent that should have been able to bring a couple parades to D.C. My punctuation is from being at work on an iPhone and not really caring. But please, I would like to hear why Ribeiro isn’t worth more money than Joel Ward or Troy Brouwer (both have around 3+ million cap hits.) explain please.
    Disclaimer: punctuation has NOTHING to do with the actually point or opinion you have, and is simply a cop-out of an argument.

  • Joel Ward and Troy Brouwer drive play. Ribeiro doesn’t.

    Ribeiro is old. Ward and Brouwer aren’t.

    Brouwer and Ward aren’t asking for four or five years on their contracts.

    Ribeiro got most of his points from the power play. Brouwer and Ward didn’t.

    Centers are supposed to make players better. Ovechkin played worse when with Ribeiro.

  • Sam

    All I know, is I am not happy about the way the caps played in that game 7…no heart, no determination, and no effort. (but its been that way for a while now) the leadership of this team is lacking…the fundamentals of winning hockey games (dirty goals, big bodies in front, tough rugged defenseman) those are all recipes of winning stanley cups…and i’m sorry if i’m missing something, but i’ve been to or watched every caps game of the past 5 years and i;m pretty sure we don’t have any of those assest on our team.
    BTW…the caps haven’t built a team like the Ravens…ravbens went to 3 afc title games in 5 years. the caps haven’t sniffed a conference championship and thats my point. It would be one thing if we were right on the edge of a stanley cup birth, but were not even close. IDK what games you’re watching?

  • Sam

    absolutely, we should be going after grabovski and he would come cheaper…

  • ThrowmetheWHIP

    I tend to cycle through the same set of emotions every free agency/trade deadline day; nervous anticipation, unbelievable rage, Confusion, more unbelievable rage, followed by a sad understanding. Loosing Ribeiro sucks but its an unfortunate reality. Although i seem to be in a bit of a minority here i would say that GMGM is pretty freaking good at keep emotions out of his decisions. What i mean by that is im sure he knew how badly the fanbase wanted him back, but didnt let a potential shitstorm of hate stop him from not pulverizing the team. I, for one, am glad that he doesn’t feel the need to add a stupid contract (Ward, maybe one exception) and still holds on to the ideal that the core of the team, ovi, nicky, green, and now holtby (to name a few) are GOOD ENOUGH TO WIN IT. there is no need to add a huge name, just guys that make our CORE players better. if that is GMGMs plan(and i still think it is a good one) i still think hes doing a pretty kick ass job.

  • Sam

    well Ribs is not worth what he got from PHX, but the joel ward signing was awful….Brouwer is good.

  • Tommy

    My point is, the difference between losing and running is very thin. See LA Kings last year, Pens the year they won, Vancouver in 2011. Boston this year. Each team was staring at elimination, and the difference was the right play and some luck to get past an obstacle. The caps played bad, Holtby played bad, in game 7. But, the caps, as a team, are almost there. They may back in like LA, like Philly, like NJ last year. But, they can, and I believe will, make the run with this team. And, the games I watched got better as the season went on, to the point where the Caps controlled play and the NYR were lucky to get out of rd 1. And, they know it. That’s why they complained about us while they were getting blown out by Boston. We’re close. We just gotta get the monkey off our back.

  • Michael Blaesing

    Is there anyone good left on the market that we may potentially be targeting?

  • Troy

    Hendricks…..! GMGM first you let our good players go, THEN YOU LET PUR #1 WAGON/SHOOTOUT PROFESSIONAL THE PARALYZER GO TO NASHVILLE?!?!?! What in the living hell are you doing?

  • In the most general terms I was saying they’d look for a flex player who could give the team insurance in the top 6 — that’d come cheap. Maybe sign a guy for the wing with Ovi and Backstrom. They have Kuznetsov coming at the end of the year. It’s not worth signing a guy to a long term, when they have (really) a few center options already in house (Mojo, Perreault, Kuznetsov, Laich). Worse case scenario, you put Laich at 2C and grind it with Erat and Brouwer.

    On defense, the team is really strong. I’d prefer they sign a top 4 dman, but they gave Erskine that ridic deal, so they don’t have the money to do so. They have a lot of depth in Hershey beyond Orlov though, so I don’t think they will add anyone.

  • Sam appears to hate me.

  • ThrowmetheWHIP

    so lets say Wolski gets a good deal less than what we gave him last year, meaning that his lack of production didnt sting so much. Do you guys think he would have seen more time on the ice if this was the case? i feel like wolski wasnt giving a fair shot, yes he played in a good amount of games but when things got rolling he was nowhere. To me, wolski is still in line for a great year, sometimes you just have to let a guy play through a slump.

  • Ash

    He’s getting four years at 1.85 mil. I am happy for Hendy, and wish him the best because he is an awesome guy, but no way I give him four years, and if GMGM had, I would have flipped a table.

  • Matt Hendricks reactions: GO!

  • Hendy don’t go!

    Hate to see Hendy go. So frustrated.

  • Ash

    Awesome dude. Awesome contract– for him. Hope to see him paralyzing goalies all over the West Conference. Really glad we didn’t give him four years.

  • Troy

    It’s okay we’ll just replace him with Volpatti…. Lol we don’t even have a team anymore

  • Michael Blaesing


  • Ash

    I… okay, dude. We don’t have a team anymore, sure.

  • Buck

    i think its lataas turn to step up

  • Ash

    OH. and according to Whyno: #Flyers were in on Matt Hendricks, who ultimately chose #Preds.

    If true, even more love for Hendy.

  • Ash

    Yeah, I figured Latta was who they were pegging for it. GMGM’s mentioned him by name as being close, so I figure they’re gonna hope he sticks up with the Caps.

  • Sam

    we’ve been carrying that monkey since the 70’s dude…

  • Troy

    No, like we only have 11 forwards under contract….. :,( Also, if we are gonna suck balls, we might as well have fun doing it AKA Semin, Hendicks, and all the fun guys <3

  • Sean

    The thing that everyone tends to forget is that the Caps last year where a “make this sh*t up as we go” team because of the extreme circumstances surrounding the lockout.

    We are now going to see a fully prepped, planned, and practice Oates system that had the benefit of a full camp and preseason. The traffic cone that is Schultz (which A LOT of our defensive woes can be blamed on) is also gone.

  • Sam

    Ok, but listen here…we no longer play in the sisters of the poor division. We aren’t going to be able to just slide by and with the lack of talent on this roster we will hurt…we have one good line…thats not gonna cut it.

  • Ash

    Have forwards: Ovechkin, Backstrom, Perreault, Laich, Fehr, Ward, Erat, Brouwer, Beagle, Chimera, Volpatti. Negotiating with Johansson, probably close to sure chance he stays.

    Dropped forwards: Ribeiro, Hendricks, Wolski, Crabb.

    Wilson and Latta will probably compete for a spot on the bottom lines. I loved Sasha and Hendy, but their time with us was done, based on what and how long they wanted to be paid. Weren’t you just commenting on how the Caps have to make bold moves? Isn’t it rather the opposite to say that and then bemoan not keeping players at contracts that would probably not help at all? It’s been three hours since FA opened, Jesus. Give it a day before you close the book on this team.

  • Sean

    You got the numbers for the next lotto jackpot in that crystal ball of yours as well?

  • Sam

    I don’t hate you…I just think you RED WHITE and BLUE eyed…you sound like an Orioles fan for the past 13 years LOL…gotta stop with the what ifs and check the reality.

  • At what point do we talk about Sharknado? Is that really a thing? I need video.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Dark, Dark days are ahead with this team with GMGM at the helm. I feel very bad for Ovie and Backstrom. Lather, rinse, and repeat is all you will get with McPhee, never regressing or progressing significantly.

  • Andy Wallace

    David Steckel.

  • Sam

    No, but I know GMGM doesn’t…that’s for sure.

  • Sam



    RFA Dmen out there: McDonagh, Peitrangelo, bogosian come on GMGM

  • Troy

    Capitals hope of winning a cup right now: 0
    To be honest, listing Laich and Erat as top 6 forwards basically says “we give up,” but worse than that is they both are making 4.5 mil a year…. Could replace then with Ribs, Ryder, Horton, Grabovski, Weiss, ect. The possibilities are endless yet GMGM settles for a second line of Erat-Mojo-Brouwer (or Laich at 2C.) is my point made yet?

  • Troy

    “Brouwer is good” – played on Ribeiro’s line and Ribs created for him quite a bit more than Mojo or Laich willz
    The “quite a bit” part was EXTREME SCARCASM, I bet Brouwer scores less goals in 82 games w/o Ribs than the 19 he pocketed this shortened season.

  • dragon


  • Ash

    I’m not sure what your point is. My point was that we have most of a
    roster signed, and was made in reply to a comment saying we had no team.
    And Erat is definitely a top line winger. I would agree Laich is not a
    top line center by a ling shot, but he is a serviceable second line

    I don’t think people take into account that it’s just not
    that easy to go out and scoop top players up without paying them the
    sun, moon, and stars. They have to WANT to sign with you, if they’re a
    free agent.

  • Troy

    Praise The Lord someone thinks the same as me!

  • RESmith

    Hendy was the one player to get this group to wake up in games. He will be missed! (Heh. Props for our former GM to see the value in him.)

  • Sean

    That’s an adorable opinion. Tell us some more

  • Sean

    I like Hendricks, but he’s a 58 point CAREER guy. If you think that rates an almost 2 mil cap hit for 4 years, well, we know why you’re not a professional gm.

  • AnonMous

    I know better than to feed a troll, but, I wouldn’t be shocked if that wasn’t just you under a different name.

  • RESmith

    I rue saying it back around the trading deadline, but the best thing for the Caps long term was missing the playoffs.

    Probably would have received at least a second round pick for him in this year’s draft (if traded during the deadline), which we could have picked up some good talent with the depth of this year’s crop. Plus we would had a higher first round pick and the options that allowed.

    Makes me still scratch my head with the Erat trade. If we were going with “growing with talent from within” this off-season, giving up a future talent in Forsberg seems a little inconsistent now. It seems like a risk that did not payoff.

  • Also if you’re commenting on RMNB, we know you’re not a GM

  • Ash

    Jeff Schultz is taking a good chunk of the most hilarious Caps nicknames with him. Good luck, Schultzy.

  • Ovi8

    wow GMGM has been quite, we have needs, we need 2 top 6 guys and 2 bottom 6 guys, and a top 6 dman. kinda frustrated with GMGM right now

  • Troy

    Very true, but do you think that Erat is a 2nd line winger on a team that wins the cup? Exactly. MAYBE Erat could be on a cup winning team as the #6 forward, but right now Erat is the caps 4th best forward (behind Ovi, Backstrom, and Brouwer.) which is, in my opinion, absolutely horrendous. Especially at 4.5 million per year.

  • Troy

    Honestly, it’s kind of Grabovski or bust right now in terms of the capitals having a “successful” season. Could fill the void of Ribs (sort of) at a cheaper price which leaves open the place to pick up a solid defenseman

  • yv

    I thought that the salary cap is falling down next season?! It indeed looks like a frenzy. 4,5,7 years in 5M$ per year becoming a new change. When recent SC champion grabbing Caps reject J. Schultz you know something going on there and Caps somehow not invited to the feeding party. But a lot of these meals (contracts) looks like a real poison that many teams will throw back. Maybe GMGM knows what he doing, or maybe not??

  • Ash

    I don’t know about that– I think it depends on what center he’s with. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing him on the top line with Ovi, since he’s a pass-first guy, and has great possession and defense. He’s not as speedy as Mojo (few are), but he’s not a bad skater, and he doesn’t seem soft. I think “horrendous” is much too strong a word, and I don’t think he’d be the sixth worst player in a top six.

    I think you need to calibrate it based on whether or not you expect him to be a driver. He’s a wing and he prefers passing, so he’s probably not going to be the guy finishing all the plays, but I do think he could be a very useful player in getting it into the zone, protecting it, and then handing ti off to Ovi or whoever to finish it.

  • kyle boyd

    erat is absolutely good enough to be a 2nd line winger on a cup winning team. he’s good enough to be a first line winger on most teams. and it amazes me that you can sit there fighting for the wagon(who i absolutely love) but dont like brooks laich? how long have you been a caps fan? ill gve you that hes got injury problems but he’s the one step up on hendricks in terms of being a versatile do-whatever-it-takes to win player. this is a guy who managed to plug in at defense for a bit during the playoffs. has played center on lines 1-3 and played the wing on our top 2 lines. we pay him well for teh same reason Pittsburgh paid j.staal. he’s good offensively when put with the right players, a great shut down center when he needs to be, and most other days he slots in at our most valuable 2-way forward.

  • kyle boyd

    and our major hole is our 4th defense. which is much more affordable to fill. if we sign lydman this summer and one more forward (no one great, just someone passable) ill feel very comfortable going into next season. chicago proved that you can get by with less than stellar players at every position on your top 2 lines, but in the playoffs you need too rotate defensive pairings often and make sure all 3 are safe to matchup against the leagues best.

  • I spent a lot of time trying to use all of them in this post

  • Lance Perrier

    The Caps have gotten worse in the last few years. They have a boat load of pluggers. Backstrom is not the same as he was before he got rocked by Bourque. Green is injury prone and prone to streaks. Ovie can’t do it all. Erat was not the answer. That anyone can think this team has improved is ridiculous. Now they are in a way tougher division. I seriously doubt the Caps are going to be playing in the playoffs this year, and GMGM will still think they are close. It is a brutal management group. Ribs wasn’t the answer but at least he got onto the scoresheet…where are his points going to come from? Even Oates can’t make pluggers scorers.The Caps have no scoring depth at all. Perreault is way overrated and so is Johansson, they are streaky little players who are nowhere near top six guys on a consistent basis. If you think sitting tight while the rest of the league is active…think again!! Go Caps!

  • McFucked

    Bahahahahah! Rock The Red bro!!!!!!! Another delusional season ticket holder. You guys are all ” Man, I’m just happy to be here! Look at all the pretty lights!”

  • McFucked

    Caps will never win a cup with McFail as GM. He can’t even get our top prospect to fucking play hockey here.

  • McFucked

    Erat looked great, lol. What did he have? 1 point?

  • Rhino40

    Sharknado“? WTF? …and I thought I had already seen the worst with titles like:

    Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

    Boa vs. Python(“How do you stop a 100-foot snake? Get a bigger snake”)

    Chupacabra: Dark Seas

    Alien Express (“The train where every car is a Meal Car”)

    and the all-time nadir:

    Savage Planet

    Guess I was wrong.

  • Rhino40

    Well-said as paragraph especially.

  • Rhino40

    Pens are gonna be hosed in the future though

    Are you sure?

    I normally agree with you Peter, but I still think that it’ll be a long time (If ever) before Pittsburgh feels the full consequences of Shero’s multiple Faustian deals…somehow, the normal rules don’t seem to apply to teams like the Pens & Red Wings, (who always–seemingly–have a stacked roster, yet never seem to get into salary cap trouble).

    Meanwhile, teams like ours have to pay an extra premium for any “big name” guys–players whose best years are all too often behind them.

    Or maybe I’m just feeling hopeless right now…

  • Rhino40

    Oh, and you forgot “Don’t blame Siri”

  • Rhino40

    Ah,yes…Bleacher Report…the only source less credible than Eklund, and a model paradigm for Internet slavery.

  • Rhino40

    Hendy earned his place in the NHL and a decent payday to go with it. It sucks that the the GMGM couldn’t/wouldn’t pay him what he’s worth. I’m just glad he didn’t go to a division rival (cough–Sash Minor–cough).

  • Rhino40

    Somebody teach this guy (Sam) basic HTML so he can reflect.
    emphasis without screaming,

    passion without disrespect,
    • disagreement without insult…

    Just my $0.02

  • Rhino40

    oops…forgot the close marker…d’oh!

  • Rhino40

    I hope you’re right. I really do. Because just one of those things killed off my entire crew in less than 24 hours…

  • Rhino40

    …And that is when our festival of Schädenfreude begins…bwahahahahaha)))))!

  • McFuckU

    Ad hominum conversation shows me, and everyone else, that you dont know anything about hockey. So, do us a favor and go back under the bridge you came from, McFucked.

  • Troy