Welcome to the team. (Photo credit: Joel Auerbach)

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports that the Washington Capitals have signed former Florida Panthers defenseman Tyson Strachan to a one-year, two-way contract. The terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed. So far, this is the biggest signing the Caps have made since free agency opened Friday.

Strachan, who turned pro in 2006–07, has played 120 games in the NHL with both the Panthers and St. Louis Blues. Last season he played the entire year in Sunrise, tallying four points and racking up 40 penalty minutes. The right-handed shot ultimately gives the organization some more depth on the blueline after the recent departures of buy-out victim Jeff Schultz and Tom Poti. John Walton believes Strachan will start the season in Hershey.

My brother-from-another-mother, Peter Hassett, describes Tyson as a sheltered, unlucky, and unremarkable defenseman, which is a pretty nice way of saying he’s a cheap, replacement-level type player. The 28-year-old Canadian also has a bit of a mean streak, as evidenced by this dirty, blind-side hit he delivered to Jason Chimera last season.

And oh yeah, they fought too.

Well that’s going to be an awkward meeting during training camp.

According to hockeyfights.com, Strachan has dropped the mitts 12 times in his NHL career. He joins forwards Derek Whitmore, Jamie Johnson, and Matt Watkins; defenseman David Kolomatis; and goaltender David Leggio who all are expected to make big-time contributions with the Caps’ AHL affiliate this season.


Here’s Matt Hendricks also giving the business to Strachan. (Photo credit: Dilip Vishwanat)

  • Sean

    So McPhee hears the fans pleas and cries of frustration, and proceeds to sign one of the bottom tiered d-men from what was undeniably the worst defense in the league last season……….solid.

  • Andy Wallace

    That pick of Hendy made me tear up a bit

  • Phil

    Jeez guys….I don’t know what everyone is complaining about this for. (from the looks of the FB comments section)

    It’s not like he’s going to spend any time in DC unless we have about 4 injuries ahead of him. It’s also not like GMGM could have gone out and got Vinny, Briere, and grabovski all at once. Let those other teams pay ridiculous amount of money for them.

    We got a few decent AHL level players and are biding our time for something else (I hope). Lets just wait until the season starts.*

    *yes I know GMGM does not have a great record of doing the right things in years past, but there’s always hope right?……….right?

  • Sean

    You do understand that we have huge glaring holes at LW, 2C, and D right?

  • Phil

    I see 2C as the biggest and one we’re in the worst position to deal with, especially with our cap room. overall it doesnt seem we’re in a great position to deal with any of them really, but that’s GMGM’s fault also……so where do we go from here?

  • Fedor

    GMGM: We thought we have a lot of defensemen competing for spots on our team, so we went ahead and signed two more.

  • Sean

    We have nearly 8.5 million in cap room right now, and after Alzner and Mojo, should be around 4-5 mil. That’s plenty of room to deal with some of these issues. We can also trade as well. Chimera in particular.

  • I am also confused on why we signed an AHL MVP quality goaltender. I assume to take a veteran leadership role and help mentor Grubauer. But I hope he doesn’t steal too many starts from him.

  • yv

    Not the one signing I’m waiting to hear about, M. Grabovsky, who probably still in his honeymoon mood.
    After Rangers have signed McDonagh today, it is interesting to see what Alzner will get and how much cap space will be left for other Caps needs, that GMGM hopefully knows and addressing.

  • Phil

    I hope and think that we will do some moves before the season starts. I was mainly commenting on the people saying we’re screwed already….in July.

  • Sean

    I think Grabovsky would work very well as our 2C, even more so than Ribs, and Grabovsky is a solid two way player. Ribs seemed to thrive when most of the Caps play was broken, because 90% of them were still trying to figure out what Oates was talking about when he was saying “The lynch-pin of our offense is a submarine maneuver, followed by a concentrated attack on the flux-capacitor with Higgs-boson particles.” Ribs slowing the puck down worked when everyone was confused, it allowed everyone to reset. Not so much when they figured out that you had to get the Delorean up to 88 miles an hour and things ran smoothly, it would often have the opposite effect and break up a rush.

  • Tommy

    I know FA’s are over priced and not worth it but Caps off-seasons are really boring.

  • Graham Dumas

    Is it me, or does that ref look suspiciously like Will Ferrell?

  • Michael Blaesing

    Considering that it was clearly stated by GMGM that Laich will be our second line center next year, is it safe to assume that there will be no notable offensive signings on the caps part? Will there really be no effort to scoar moar goals?

  • Pat Magee

    Because somebody needs to play in Hershey for when Grubauer gets called up…. Thinking ahead for when Neuvy gets hurt!

  • Owen Johnson

    Would you rather they be like the Redskins and sign players who are both expensive and washed up just to make a “splash?”

  • dragon

    Hmmm–that would explain some of the calls we’ve been getting.

  • Tommy

    Yes I would.

  • Chris

    Should have signed Corvo instead. Verteran leadership, decent defenseman on the cheap.

  • what the fuck

  • Andy Wallace

    I see