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We’ve learned a lot from 2012 first round pick Tom Wilson in the last year. There was that clutch hat trick for Plymouth in the playoffs, his first professional goal in Hershey when he beat Chris Bourque in a footrace, and a brief appearance in the NHL playoffs with the big club.

We’ve also learned that Wilson’s a surprisingly good skater, that he has a good shot, and he’s precisely as physical as advertised. One other thing we’ve noticed: he’s a bit of a yapper. Last year during development camp, Chris Gordon observed that Wilson chirped his teammates non-stop on the ice. During a Hershey playoff game I attended in May, Wilson stood with Michael Latta at the bench and verbally accosted opponents. Head Coach Mark French admitted after the game that the 19-year-old “likes to get involved in the discussion,” which is a nice way of saying that Wilson talks trash. To anyone.

Even playfully to little kids.

Sweetest Hockey On Earth’s Kyle Mace explains:

Towards the end of the first day of Development Camp, the Red Group’s ice session was concluding and a young boy wearing a Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews t-shirt jersey walked over to the far end of the stands where Capitals prospects were concluding a drill. Tom Wilson spotted the ten-year-old kid in the seats and did not approve of his attire. Wilson said something to a teammate and then made a gesture to the kid. Wilson then pointed to the Capitals logo on his jersey, implying that the Capitals simply were the better team and the kid should be wearing a Caps shirt.

The child had a simple reply: a shake of the head, no.

Wilson’s teammates cracked up.

Here are two of Kyle’s photos from the encounter.



I’ve seen a lot of amazing things over the years at Development Camp, but this might take the cake. Or at least swear at the cake or something.

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  • misselle

    I’ve seen him play a few times with Plymouth and I’m pretty sure I can count the number of times I’ve seen him on the ice (or bench!) with his mouth shut. He chirps opponents, he talks with his teammates, he talks with his coaches. If he ever loses his voice it will be a tragedy…except to the guys he’s playing against.

    (Connor Carrick’s also pretty mouthy. Something about Caps prospects in Plymouth leads to yapping, I guess.)

  • Topher Gee

    Way to stick to your guns kid!

  • I betcha in five years, he will be the biggest Caps fan in his town and have a popular hockey/mixed-martial arts blog called TWWEF: Tom Wilson Wins Every Fight.

  • warriorinside

    Bet me he made the kid’s day, though.

  • agent dale cookie

    WIth Matt Hendricks leaving I’m really looking forward to seeing Wilson play

  • Scott Stafford

    LOL in What world exactly are the CUPLESS Crapitols better than the Champion Hawks. Toews owns you.

  • AL

    Hey, in case you were wondering, that whooshing sound was this post passing right over your head, dude.

  • Pat Magee

    Why are you on a caps fan blog?