The Tom Wilson Wipe-Out GIFs


It was game six of the series against the New York Rangers, just the second-ever game in Tom Wilson‘s NHL career, and one of his skate blades has just popped off. Wilson hobbled back to the bench, courting bunches of GIFs and instant fan adultation. At the time I didn’t even realize skate blades could just fall off like that, but I guess when you’re a six-foot-four, 217-pound man-mountain, simple things like skating and checking can test the mettle of your gear.

On Thursday at Development Camp, Wilson’s equipment rebelled again, this time forcing the Caps prospect to wipe out at center ice while attempting a sharp turn. Like a bowling ball out to pick up a spare, Wilson’s body tumbled heavily towards the boards, stopping only after knocking over Caps video coach Brett Leonhardt. No one was hurt (woot) and laughs were shared by all.

And now: GIFs.



GIFs by aovechkin

Wilson Mic’d Up

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