Photo credit: @JessieMartin

Andre Burakovsky has been in North America for about a week, but he’s already made himself a new best friend. Rooming with fellow first-round pick Tom Wilson, the Austrian-born Swede was introduced to mac and cheese as he bonded with his new Canadian buddy. Well, RMNB’s Ian Oland asked Burakovsky if his bestie had him try any other new foods while he was here. The forward’s English isn’t perfect, but his answer was.

“He learned me a lot of things like eating peanut butter,” Burakovsky said with a laugh. “I tasted cinnamon roller. It was really good too. He learned me to eat some different things over here.”

“He’s a really good player, a really good friend,” he added. “We have spent some good time together.”

As the interview was concluding, Wilson snuck over and put a skate bag over Burakovsky’s head. Adorbs.


Bros. (GIF by Alzner)

  • Derek Eklund


  • Sarah

    Tom Poti better stay away from Wilson.

  • Ann the fan

    Tom and Andre? More reasons for the ladies following the Caps to rejoice!

  • madflava76

    I really hope Burakovsky decides to play in the OHL this upcoming season with Erie. I think it would great for the Caps to be able to follow his development closely and have him adjust his game to the North American rink and style of play.