Kuzya is definitely taking this seriously. (Photo credit: HCTraktor.org)

Traktor Chelyabinsk’s KHL training camp started a few days ago. Sadly, Russian players have waved goodbye to their summers full of vodka-flavored borscht and two-a-day video game sessions. Traktor players are now working out together and doing off-ice team-led drills in downtown Chelyabinsk.

Washington Capitals prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov was there for his final KHL training camp on Tuesday, and thanks to a robust 44-picture photo gallery from HCTraktor.org, we can document the grueling session on the stationary bike, the jumping of rope until he couldn’t jump no mo’, the lifting of impossible weights, and the kicking of legs up and down furiously at some hurdle thing.

Tuesday’s session was led by some old guy with a mullet. Embrace the summer content.


This man is very serious about his job.



Hurdle drill things.


Time to jump rope.


Do they have double dutch in Russia?


Kuznetsov doing a chest press of about 90 pounds.

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  • Mike D.

    Where’s Ovi in all of this? :-O

  • Matt

    90 lbs chest press? wow he’s weak!

  • reps > weight

  • boom boom

    bench pressing Maria

  • chris

    A smith machine…

  • Perfectly spoken by a weak man! Haha.

  • BPThomas

    *Planking Maria

  • Jason W.

    the hurdle drill thingys are meant to increase hip flexibility.

  • Graham Dumas


  • richnjos

    Russian man grow mullet in one day weaklings!

  • Freedoooom

    Its actually 50 KG or 110 lbs. 2 15 KG=66 + 20 KG Bar=44 lbs.


    Kuznetsov? Oh, yeah. The guy who will never show up in Washington or any other NHL city.