Mitchell (second to the left) and Talita (first to the right) when they first met in 2005.

Mitchell (second to the left) and Talita (first to the right) when they first met in 2005.

Photo credit: @Mitchy1_0

One week ago, Washington Capitals prospect Garrett Mitchell got hitched to his long-time girlfriend Talita in a ceremony held at Kenosee Lake, Saskatchewan. Mitchell, who has played for the American Hockey League’s Hershey Bears for the past two seasons, managed to buzz-market his team at the wedding by offering Hershey’s Kisses at a candy bar.

And now for some figurative sweetness to add of the literal kind.

Mitchell, Hershey’s most-improved player over the last two years, got an awesome gift from his friend Shae: a signed photo from Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. Robertson, the lumpy entrepreneur/duck call maker/sunglasses seller at Walmart, personalized the photo, “Garrett, Congrats on your wedding.”

Too cool.

Extend your congrats to Mitchell on his Twitter account @Mitchy1_0. Marriage is a big step (one that I’m taking next June!) And yes, I’m sure I’d love personalized photos from Duck Dynasty cast members as gifts too. Or maybe Si’s metal detector.

  • Livia

    Big congratulations to Garrett Mitchell and to Ian! That’s a lot of happy news in one blog post!

  • Thanks! It’s been a crazy few months. I’m really happy for Garrett also.

    I’m going to have a longer feature on him closer to training camp when excitement picks back up. He really made some big strides last season and should be on Caps fans radars.