Gets ya right in teh feels.

All you Matt Hendricks superfans out there, I ask that you please turn away, X out your browser, and retreat to your doomsday bunkers because this is the extinction-level event you’ve been prepping for. Former Washington Capitals grinder Matt Hendricks did an interview with the Nashville Predators in his new mustard yellow jersey. All of a sudden, it’s real.

“Thirteen years ago I was drafted by this club, and I think there’s some unfinished business,” Hendricks told the Predators’ Tom Callahan, before jabbing a dagger into our figurative hockey hearts. “I’ve always wanted to put on this sweater.”

Hendricks has been embracing his new club on Twitter too. That’s been painful as well.

He updated his bio.


He retweeted this photo from RMNB reader Chris.

He even asked for some places in Nashville to fish.

There’s just no possible way this could get any worse.



  • What have the Predators done to Forsberg? They turned this happy-go-lucky, Gangnam Style dancing guy into The Terminator.

  • Benjamin Scarbro

    I think picture sums it up a little better… or not at all.

  • Diana

    No No No, Red a much better color; but glad he’s gotten the money he deserves. I will miss the personality, smile and shoot out skills. Glad me and my granddaughter took a picture with him at last year’s Caps Convention.

  • Catherine__M

    You monsters!!! You could at least have the decency to put it behind a jump. Some of us are still blissfully in denial. 🙁

  • pixiestix

    it’s like running into your ex and his new girlfriend. Too soon RMNB…too soon


    I refuse to live in a world like this !!!

  • Svedka

    I cant even look at this without grimising and missing the good old parilizer

  • Owen Johnson

    If we had sucked the whole season we could have had Seth Jones too. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • bskillet

    Well they have Matty and Forsberg, I think Nashville owes us big. I really hope the best for Matt but I have been a cap since ’74’ so we have to whoop him when we bump heads.

  • Buck

    I’m afraid the stuff I just barfed up after seeing this picture looked exactly like the predators jerseys

  • Scarey68

    Oof. Hard to take, but very happy for The Wagon. I kind of want to see him score when we play them…so long as we destroy the Preds in the process.

  • RESmith

    Look at Seth Jones. He looks like he is caught in meditation. “Defense first… defense first…..”

  • Freedoooom

    Or just sucked more in 05-06 and got Erik Johnson.

    Would of had the same result. John Carlson(27th overall) > Seth Jones, Erik Johnson.

  • Jay

    Why would you post this…? My heart is fragile enough as it is.

  • Adam Johnson

    This will haunt me for the ages.

  • ChuchutrainLA

    these fuckers look “thrilled to be there!!! #hahaha #ovistyle