Alex Ovechkin’s First Vine

This is a sort of breaking news. Alex Ovechkin has discovered Vine. His first video is him working out on a tennis court with a trainer and some fancy rubber bands, performing some kind of workout that would destroy a mortal human’s collateral and cruciate ligaments.

Judging by the video quality, the reigning Hart trophy winner filmed this video from someone else’s video. Or maybe he filmed it through through a screen door. Our fake sources tell us he’s somewhere on the planet earth. Somewhere with cars, perhaps.

Is it October yet?

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  • Chris

    Its good to see him training

  • Todd N

    video is no longer there?

  • Sombrero Guy

    So do I need to get a Vine account or is it safe to assume RMNB will make a blog post for every noteworthy video?

  • Rhino40

    Is it October yet?
    Let’s hope that–for Ovie and the Caps–this October is a Красный Октябрь

  • Rhino40

    And by that I mean I hope that they do well.

  • Come on, Sombrero Guy. You even have to ask? Haha.

  • ChuchutrainLA

    I am sure that its on the continent somewhere, since I see his new G-wagon in the background, which he just got in M-city.

  • Graham Dumas

    At least you spelled it right, unlike the opening credits of the movie: (2:25)

  • Sombrero Guy

    That’s why we love you guys