You Need to Buy This Caps-Signed PRS Guitar for Charity


Paul Reed Smith guitars are known as some of the best-made guitars in the world. The action is light, the neck is fast, and the sustain is infinite. All kinds of guitarists from metalheads and jam bands play ’em. The Dave Navarro Signature (he of Jane’s Addiction fame) runs about 650 dollars, so it’s absolutely baffling to me that the charity auction for the signed Caps-themed guitar above is currently just over 700 bucks. It’s signed by the 2012-13 Washington Capitals, including one Alex Ovechkin (Cam Schilling too, but don’t let that count against it).

Listen. You need to buy this guitar.


buy it buy it buy it buy it buy it

First and foremost, it’s for a good cause. The Andrea Henderson Memorial Fund helps fight breast cancer at the Kimmel Center at Johns Hopkins. Breast cancer is the second deadliest cancer for women behind lung cancer. 40 thousand women will die from it this year alone. The proceeds of this auction go directly towards stemming that tide. This isn’t the sexed-up, for-profit schtick of Save the Tata‘s or some giant charity through which little money will ever help patients. This is direct funding for a serious disease that has probably already affected someone you know and love.

All of the proceeds for this auction will go towards personalized care at the Kimmel Center. It will do actual good for actual people– in return for a sweet-ass guitar that’ll look good mounted on your wall and sound even better through your JCM800. At its current price, the guitar would be a good deal– even without the signatures. I’m no memorabilia expert, but I’m pretty sure 24 signatures from 23 NHL players and also Cam Schilling make this a steal at 700 bucks.

But I don’t want this to be a steal. I want this to be a big moneymaker for the Kimmel Center and a beloved piece of hockey history for one philanthropic fan. Jump on over to eBay right now and make a bid right now. This thing ought to sell for well over a thousand dollars– a thousand dollars that can do a lot of good in the fight against breast cancer.

Try Not To Click This Giant Link… for Charity

Even if you can’t drop the change, you can help boost the signal. Share this story or Ben Sumner’s story on Caps Outsider to get the word out there. Good tunes for a good cause!

(P.S. when you get the guitar, invite me over to play it. I’m way better than Brooks Laich.)

  • Peter

    To any Penguins and Ranger fan, If you were a REAL fan you’d bid a few thousand for this and then smash our side your arena the next time the Caps play there.

  • VirginiaPatriot

    Paul REID Smith? Oh my aching heart! That there be a Paul REED Smith guitar. From a Caps fan and guitar picker, that there is a finable violation!

  • whatever

    I play a Fender.

    I’ll fix it.


  • VirginiaPatriot

    Hey, just messing with ya! Thx for bringing this to our attention. Definitely on my watch list! My wife bid on and won a large “Young Guns” poster, signed, a few years back at a Put Cancer On Ice game at Kettler. She paid $900 for it. Figure I’m due to bid on something that I would like!

  • Abram

    Thanks for spreading the word, Peter! Just to reiterate, 100% of the proceeds from this auction go to the Kimmel Center, specifically their Personalized Cancer Medicine research program. So you’re not buying office supplies for Hopkins or subsidizing a new parking garage, you’re putting cold hard cash directly in the hands of a researcher who’s figuring out how to stop cancer in its tracks.

    Also, we don’t play guitar (at least I don’t), but if any RMNB reader wins this auction, we’d love to get a picture together with you and the guitar. Happy bidding!

    -Abram (VP, Andrea Henderson Memorial Fund)

  • mike c

    I’d bid if it weren’t an SE.

  • mike c

    SE being the cheap korean models which aren’t even built by PRS, as is shown very clearly in the photo of the back of the headstock on the auction….

  • An SE goes for about 700 bucks. The standard model goes for about 2000. It may not be your preferred model, but it’s still a good deal and I’ll thank you not to discourage others to bid.

  • Ella

    Why all the hate on Cam Schilling? 🙁

  • VirginiaPatriot

    The SE’s are some of the best valued guitars on the planet. I currently own a DGT 10 top and a Santana SE. I’ve owned Custom and Standard 22’s and 24’s and several other SE’s in the past. These ARE PRS guitars and damn good guitars. Not to mention the coolness factor of the autographs!

  • No hate at all! Just snark.

    To give way more information than you requested, I thought it was funny that Schilling, he of 12 minutes played at the NHL level, was on the list because I tried to imagine some superfan completist hunting down his autograph.

    And since the rest of the post was me earnestly asking people to give up their money, I thought I’d undercut the smarmy salesman vibe by making a HOPEFULLY TOOTHLESS joke at poor Cam’s expense.

  • My fake sources are telling me Cam’s crying right now. Way to go, Peter.

  • If he cries for 12 whole minutes, that’ll be 2 seconds longer than his NHL career and with one less goal scored against him during it.

  • Abram

    We went with a SE model in part because it’s not at the top of the line, so that a larger audience of Caps fans could afford to bid on it. Starting an auction for a standard model at $2k would price out a lot of potential bidders, and we didn’t want to offer the guitar way below MSRP and have someone win it just because it’s a good deal on a guitar and not because of all the signatures and custom paint job.

  • Abram

    We like to imagine that signing this guitar is the second greatest moment of Cam’s NHL career.

  • drew

    the jeff schultz autograph might hurt the bidding…jk…cool item for a good cause