Game Over: Caps Defenseman Mike Green Gets Engaged


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During the playoffs a year ago, Mike Green was asked about the golden age of the Washington Capitals where he, Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, and Alex Semin were referred to as Young Guns. “Young Guns?” Green said with a laugh then. “We’re not so young anymore.”

Fast forward to today, and the superstars’ personal lives have all changed completely. Ovechkin is engaged to tennis star Maria Kirilenko, Backstrom and his fiancée are expecting a child in October, and now Guest of a Guest’s Sophie Pyle reports that Green has taken the next step in his relationship — getting engaged to two-year girlfriend and George Mason alum Courtney Parrie.

Pyle also reports that Green, who recently put his mind-blowingly awesome condo up for sale, has already moved into a new house.

RMNB extends huge congratulations to Greener on the news and also our deepest sympathies to the thousands of female Caps fans whose hearts broke as soon as they clicked on this post.

Thanks to reader Mark H. who emailed us a link to Pyle’s story.

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  • Eileen Dailey Lucas

    Semin is also now engaged. I realize he’s not part of the Caps anymore, but he was part of the young guns. And congrats to Greenie!

  • kani

    Congratulations to Green!! Now if you’ll pardon me, I’ll be drowning my sorrows in a tub of ben & jerry’s.

  • Catherine__M

    My main takeaway from this article is that Brooks Laich is still single. That IS what you were going for, right?

  • Akay15

    Oh dear. I have some girlfriends who are going to need a stiff drink tonight. Congrats Greenie!! At least Brooksie is still single, eh? 😉

  • Alice

    Yeah, all this – tub of B&J’s, crying in the rain. Well, at least Neuvy is still free – right?!

  • yv

    Oh, boy! Nothing left, no more sellouts and screaming in VC? Now RMNB can start a new photo competition “find a woman on photo of Caps crowd in VC”. But I forgetting new future Caps, Burakovsky, he can/would break a lot of girls heart.

  • CapsChick

    Who’s the lucky guy?

  • ilya bryzgalov

    hahahahahahah awwww hahahahah

  • Alice

    I’d still be in VC screaming for Neuvy because that man is HOT, plus – as others mentioned- we still have Brooksie! 🙂

  • Hale

    How old are you? Junior high? That’s about as funny as calling Ovi an enigma. Semin’s had a serious girlfriend for 3 years and she’s been living with him since sometime around the Winter Classic, here, in Russia, and in Raleigh.

  • At its core, this a homophobic remark and I don’t tolerate this BS. I know RMNB delves in humor sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you guys can jump in the comments and start making lazy jokes where you put down people of other genders, sexual preference, and race. So stop it. Even if you’re not an adult, try to act like one here.

  • JeffsNuts

    seems to me you’re the one with the problem here…all I’m reading is “who’s the lucky guy?”…if Semin does in fact like guys that seems like a reasonable thing to say, to me. You’re taking an innocent statement and jumping to conclusions.

  • We have a commenting policy in case you’re confused about what behaviors are odious and will lead to me dropping the ban-hammer on your punk ass like I’m Thor and you’re a frost giant

  • Yo8

    Man, all the young guns are engaged or in a relationship now. 🙁 BTW, why some people think Sasha is gay?! Like can’t a man be a terrible fighter without being judge? And even if he was so what?!

  • Catherine__M

    I like you guys. And this is one of many reasons why. Ditto to Peter’s comment below (won’t clog the comments section).

  • Dark Stranger

    I knew about the girlfriend for him (and it’s been long term) but was not aware that he was engaged.

    Wonder where that information can be found.

  • R.O’B.

    well this story is super depressing, life over.

  • Bulinwall

    Great he’s getting married. Warms my heart when we get bumped year after year in the playoffs! My ticket prices don’t go down. So Green, how about you get in the gym and do something so your not a rag doll on the ice!! Your hurt every year and you get crushed by opposing players often! If you want to have the metro-sexual look, tats, married whatever. Great! To each his own. Just don’t want to see a bunch of lazy, honeymoon, love struck sacks of #$*% on the ice for a ton of my hard earned money anymore!!

    GMGM =Horrible!!

  • ok