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Former Hart trophy winning goalie Jose Theodore spent just two seasons in Washington, but he left an indelible mark on the community while he was here. Today we celebrate another of his amazing feats– this time in a sport as far from hockey as possible.

On Monday Sunday, Theodore was in the stands of the Rogers Cup tennis final in Montreal, where Rafael Nadal faced off against Milos Raonic.

Raonic, down 5-1 in the first set, served to Nadal. The number-three player in the world misplayed Raonic’s serve and watched his return sail dangerously into the stands.

Fast forward to the 33:06 mark.

“A high fly ball into the stands…” the commentator began. ” Nice catch!”

The camera then pans to a man wearing a black fedora, shades, and a blue button-up shirt holding the tennis ball up proudly in his right hand. In his left, he clutches both his phone and a beer. The crowd gives the man a loud ovation. The broadcast replays the man’s feat in catch motion.

“That would have been over the first baseman’s head if this was still a baseball stadium,” the play-by-play man continued.

“And he didn’t spill a drop of beer,” the color man exclaimed.

Of course, the he was in fact Theodore, the former Capital, currently an unsigned free agent heading into the 2013-14 season.

If another team is looking for a back-up goaltender who is cool, collected, has cat-like reflexes and a great head of hair in addition to a big heart, he’s your guy.


Thanks to @JonathanWillis for retweeting the video from @hfialkov.

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  • Brouwer Rangers

    Fun Fact: I used to get my hair cut at the same place Theo did when he was in town. Doesn’t seem so fancy now, does it?

  • I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s still fancy because he’s been in GQ. Have you guys? Let me answer that for you: No. You’ve only graced the pages of the worst astronomy website in the history of ever, Russian Machine Never Breaks.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Whatever. GQ wouldn’t know what to do with head shots as glorious as ours. RMNB is the only site we trusted to handle them with the class and respect they deserved.

  • “GQ wouldn’t know what to do with head shots as glorious as ours”

    This is true.

  • Manda

    And then there’s the guy in black in front of him that cowers in fear (like I would).

  • yv

    All beer-lovers should respect good catch by Theo! With such beard you will never guess that it was him.

    From the news about other former Caps. Not resign by Caps W. Wolski seems adapting well in KHL. In his first? preseason game for Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod today he scored couple goals against the Gagarin Cup winner Dynamo Moscow and his host team advances to the final of the Governor’ Cup there.

  • He should dominate in the KHL. He’s a good player, even moreso with a bigger ice sheet and more time.

  • Laetia

    The finals were on Sunday, not Monday. FYI…

  • SwedishClusterF

    I wonder if he would have made the catch with a green laser flashing in his eyes
    I guess we’ll never know…

  • It’s almost like I don’t watch that much tennis. 😀

    Thanks though, Laetia. I updated.