It’s well documented that Carolina Hurricanes teen idol/hockey player Jeff Skinner was a figure skater as a kid (which is totally rad by the way). What I didn’t know is that the winger has actually busted out some figure-skating skillz in-game.

Thanks to an essential reblog by HoltbyFan4Life, here’s Skinner performing a single axel to cleverly avoid a Brad Marchand trip/hit at the red line.


GIF by kanerd

What form. What tight rotation. What poise.

(The Russian judge gives Skinner a 2.3.)

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  • NCCaniac42

    How could i have missed that while watching the game live.. I love it.

  • I searched google before I published, and no one has done a story on this! It’s only been something big on Tumblr.

  • NCCaniac42

    Not sure how that was missed.. EVEN BY TRIPP TRACY!!! LOL

  • Eileen Dailey Lucas

    I missed it too Leigh! Haha That really is cool! lol

  • Katie Brown

    Jeff Skinner = Tammy from Mighty Ducks.

  • Benjamin Scarbro
  • jennrubenstein

    that is so badass. i had nailed all of my single jumps except the axel as a kid, and i bruised my rainbow pretty badly on a fall one day (from the harness! my coach thought i was landing it so she let go =/ ) and thus ended my figure skating career. looking back, i have no idea how i dealt with the early mornings… also, this:

  • jennrubenstein

    i bruised my rainbow?! i’m tempted to not correct that! alas, tailbone. ow.

  • Tripp was probably too busy practicing his Russian for another Alex Semin interview.

  • radionradiation

    Oh how I wish there was more footage of young Skinny ice skating. I swear I was the only one at the draft party getting all giddy that we would pick up a kid who also ice skated. Then I see this. Boom!

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    I think he two-footed the landing. That may hurt his technical score. But the artistic presentation should win him the gold.

  • jill kansas

    marchand’s stick is so obviously in a dangerous place. tripmaster

  • radionradiation

    Ah yes. Seen that footage plenty. I am just greedy and want more ;-). I was also a horrid fangirl and told him that it was a pleasure to watch him skate when he was signing a puck for me. Not quite as hilarious as telling larose he was a ray of sunshine, but pretty bad.

  • Rhino40

    Once again, a mobile user gets trolled by Siri™

  • yv

    Our friend and Skin. teammate Alex Semin also showed outstanding figure skating in Carolina and got a lot of wows when he skated along the board on one-skate for something like 30 feet and despite opponent’ pressure still managed to give a precised pass.

  • Seandlax9

    I successfully resisted the urge to punch my computer screen when I saw that Skinflute GIF….I’m proud of myself