Brooks Laich’s New Twitter Avatar is Perf (Photo)


So Brooks Laich went digging through his house and found a gem: a photo of himself as a kid with his brother (far left) and a friend who is a dead ringer for a young Nail Yakupov (middle). I sympathize the buffoon who doesn’t love Li’l Brooksy’s t-shirt.


Brooks later cropped his doods out and made it his new Twitter avatar. Good. Oilers suck. Sorry, kid.

Mr. T: sing us out.

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  • Guest

    So many other women, myself included, are now imagining our hypothetical children together and sighing happily.

  • Bad salad.

  • Has anyone actually watched the Mr. T video? I just… have no words for it.

  • Ryan Hennebury

    Who taught those women to dance?