Alex Ovechkin Shows Off Russia's New Olympic Jerseys

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On Monday, the Russian Hockey Federation held a glitzy presentation at Sokolniki Ice Hall in Moscow to show off the new jerseys that the Russian men’s and women’s hockey teams will wear at the upcoming Sochi Olympics.

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin was selected to model the jerseys along with Alexandra Kapustina from the women’s team. Legendary Soviet goalie Vladislav Tretyak emceed the event.

The sweaters, designed by Nike, come in red and white. The jerseys have eight stars along the shoulder to symbolize each Russian/Soviet Olympic gold medal won by the hockey team.

“It’s a nice jersey, comfortable,” Ovechkin told and translated by RMNB’s Fedor Fedin. “Both options look good. I like the white. It’s very unusual.”

“The key is that the jersey should be light,” Ovechkin continued. “Most importantly, we need the new uniform to be a winning one. The stars on the shoulders will remind us about how many times we won gold. We want more of these.”

Ovechkin avoided discussing Russia’s recently enacted gay propaganda laws, which have drawn criticism from the international community.

“[There are] calls to boycott the games?” Ovechkin said. “Our job is to play. I’d rather speak about that.”

Over the weekend, teammate Braden Holtby took a stronger stance telling the Calgary Sun,”It’s hard to go into a country that supports something like that. As athletes, we have to find a way to make sure we can use it to our advantage — gay rights, especially, but human rights — to move it forward.”

Below, check out a few more photos from the event.

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Alex Ovechkin Shows Off Russia's New Olympic Jerseys

Alex Ovechkin Shows Off Russia's New Olympic Jerseys

Alex Ovechkin Shows Off Russia's New Olympic Jerseys

Alex Ovechkin Shows Off Russia's New Olympic Jerseys

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  • cindy399

    Do you really think Alex would be able to share his true thoughts while modeling jersey’s for the host country, in the host country. The rules in Russia about freedom of speech are not the same as in the US or Canada.

  • David Rothman

    Smart answer by Ovi. He doesn’t piss off his home country nor does he alienate his fans here. Good on Holts for his statement though.

  • VeggieTart

    I don’t expect athletes to opine on such issues. If Ovie wants to focus on the game, that is his right. Still, it’s very nice when a player speaks up in favor of GLBT and other human rights issues the way Holtby did. If Ovie was in Russia and Holtby in Canada, though, that may well explain why each player spoke the way he did.

  • Derek Eklund

    I dig their whites. With the red-white negative space it reminds me of a Russian themed Weagle.

  • Freedoooom

    Please. All the Russians who have came out against the law, have uhhh came out.

    Holtby is an idiot, its pretty undeniable that he is. Everyone else is dodging it and he answers it by saying its tough to go there, at A ORIENTATION CAMP that the main goal is to GO TO RUSSIA.

    You are being really naive if you think Ovechkin opposes the law, but just won’t say it. Americans were all praising 2 Russian runners for kissing each other as protest, but when said runners found out they considered it a insult to them.

  • Freedoooom,

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for our site and how much you comment, but please try to be a bit more productive in what you say. If you’re a Caps fan (which I’m assuming), I don’t understand why you would ever say this about any of the players.

    “Holtby is an idiot, its pretty undeniable that he is.”

    I really don’t like name calling. Well, unless you’re calling GMGM The Undertaker. That’s totally funny to me when I imagine him tomb-stoning people and doing this.

  • Totally. The white ones are super creative.

  • Fedor

    Russia and free speech.

    Some good points made by Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson: Read it.

  • Colquhoun

    I don’t think Ovechkin or any other players need share their true thoughts on anything – except hockey. It is very sad when sport becomes politicised in this way. I’m not sure that it’s the job of sportspeople to spearhead political change…

  • JenniferH

    I understand why Ovi isn’t saying anything considering his situation. On the other hand, I am very happy to hear Holtby say what he did. Holtby, I love you so. Muah! 😀

  • Phillip

    Only idiot here is you. Holtby feels strong about human rights and another right is free speech. Standing up against ignorance and equality and using your celebrity to make a positive statement about human equality should be applauded. You may think he’s a athlete and he should ignore this crap, but frankly people who go against the norm often are people better then rest of us, willing to take criticism for outlining immorality and prejudice.

  • Pat Magee

    Not thrilled about the blue sholders…… Just looks….. weird.

  • SM74

    Ah, the Russian/Soviet Olympic gold medals! Also known as the Soviet Olympic gold medals.

  • Pedro Zozaya

    “The international community” this is American regime, European gay-socialists and a few pro-American poodles (such as Canada and Australia). It’s funny, that the Americans are always talking about “freedom of speech”, but ALWAYS lie and manipulate the facts when talking about Russia.

    This law is not against gay propaganda. This law protects children. Russia has imposed fines (money) for the “promotion of homosexuality AMONG CHILDREN.” Citizens of other countries can be arrested for 15 days (before deportation). Nobody homosexuals does not put outlaws. They can even “propagandize”, but among adults.

    You need to call a spade a spade. People who oppose “anti-gay law”, actually support gay propaganda AMONG CHILDREN (Russians children). That is, they support gay-pedophiles.

    If Americans really worried “gay rights”, then one would have to start with China and the Arab countries, U.S. allies. There real problems in homosexuals, but the Americans on this a blind eye and on political reasons foment “anti-Russian hysteria.” You fantastic hypocrites! Shame on you!

    Americans are the most deceitful nation in the world. America has turned into the Empire of Lies.

  • brianguy

    a turtleneck? seriously dude? what was it 88 degrees out…