On Monday we posted a story containing Alex Ovechkin’s response to a question about boycotts of the Sochi Olympic games, according to Sports.ru. Here’s our translation of Alex Ovechkin’s quote in that story:

[There are] calls to boycott the games? Our job is to play. I’d rather speak about that.

Pavel Lysenkov of SovSport.ru has since published a story with more context on that discussion. The translation below, by RMNB’s Igor Kleyner, doesn’t contradict the translated quote from Sports.ru, but it does provide more insight on the conversation:

PL: It is fashionable now to talk about Olympic boycott. What is your opinion?

AO: Boycott because of what?

PL: Many reasons. Gays, Snowden…

AO: Our business is to play hockey. Whoever wants to boycott; let them. Let us better talk about sport, Olympics and sweaters. And put off other business until later.

I’m not sure why Sports.ru’s original quote isn’t the same as Lysenkov’s, but the mismatch isn’t unprecedented in the world of compressed quotes. Either way, it doesn’t appear Ovechkin’s meaning was changed much. But since this is an important international topic, we’ll try to provide as much context as possible in the interest of clarity.

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  • Graham Dumas

    Because it’s the Russian press, and half the stuff in there was never said by anyone? I’m looking at you, Russia Today!

  • Pedro Zozaya

    It’s funny, that the Americans are always talking about “freedom of speech”, but ALWAYS lie and manipulate the facts when talking about Russia.

    This law is not against gay propaganda. This law protects children. Russia has imposed fines (money) for the “promotion of homosexuality AMONG CHILDREN.” Citizens of other countries can be arrested for 15 days (before deportation). Nobody homosexuals does not put outlaws. They can even “propagandize”, but among adults.

    You need to call a spade a spade. People who oppose “anti-gay law”, actually support gay propaganda AMONG CHILDREN (Russians children). That is, they support gay-pedophiles.

    If Americans really worried “gay rights”, then one would have to start with China and the Arab countries, U.S. allies. There real problems in homosexuals, but the Americans on this a blind eye and on political reasons foment “anti-Russian hysteria.” You fantastic hypocrites! Shame on you!

    Americans are the most deceitful nation in the world. America has turned into the Empire of Lies.

  • Pedro Zozaya

    Yes, many in Russia against the “gay propaganda among children” and did not want a “gay parades”. So what?

    If most people does not want gay pride, the way it should be. All people are equal and, ideally, would be good to consider the views of all people, but in real life people have different opinions and what do? If happens “conflict of interest” must take into consideration interests is a democratic majority, and not to infringe them in favor of the minority. Why? Because if it does not bring happiness to all people, must be happy as much as possible!

    Russians gays are different from Western in that they are not allowed to hold carnivals (which offend the feelings of many people of other views), as well as in Russia the traditional understanding of marriage and family, but more anything gays is not restrict: They have their clubs, journals, subcultural “stars”.. In short, no one bothers them live as they see fit. “Problems” begins only when they impertinently throw challenge society and try to impose their views on those who do not share them.

    “Private lives” – this one, and “public lives” – is another. If something (such as gay pride parade) invades in the sphere of “public”, the “society” shall have the right to give this phenomenon its assessment, because it is no longer a “private life”.

    If in the West, most people believe that homosexuality is normal, then it’s your problem. You should not try to impose their views. We ourselves will solve their problems through democratic means.

  • Pedro Zozaya

    As you know, the organizations protecting “gay rights” are working closely with the CIA/NSA and attack gays on Russia is one of the elements of the anti-Russian company that organized the bloody American regime.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh2sWSVRrmo

    Protecting children. That’s why I called the anti-gay sentiment a moral panic. There’s this temptation among homophobes to consider gayness tantamount to pedophilia, and that’s just never been true. Check DSM-V.

  • Pedro Zozaya

    American politicians using “gay” as revenge for independent position Russia’s.

    American politicians are sick “delusions of grandeur” and “Russophobia.” Why in America believe that Russia can not be their “national interest”? Russia is an independent state. If Russia does something, it is not for to “resist America,” but because has “national interest.” In America, any “different positions” is understood as “anti-Americanism” and try to influence the “internal affairs” of other countries. Of course, this causes irritation in independent countries, but still no one “is opposed to America.” This is America, “is opposed to” countries that behave independently. I have the feeling that American politicians want to establish a dictatorship in scale whole the world.

  • Jeremiah

    wow… this post makes no sense. the majority of people asking for the boycott haren’t politicians. noting in the law are in the interest of the country of russia or its “independence
    rule 2 of the IOC charter says No Discrimination of any kind athletes spectators anyone(gay people included). this law is in full violation of that rule. this has noting to do with america and russia. this has to do with basic human rights. you can not in a serious way blame this on the US when swedish,canadians, british people, heck even the United Nations put out a statements saying this is wrong and Russia should not be given a giant commercial called the olympics. logically it shouldn’t matter how much this stupid legislation passed by or how popular it is violations f human rights are wrong and so is a violation of the rule 2 of the IOC charter

  • jeremiah

    you are smoking bath salts that is the only way you could come up with this insanity

  • jeremiah

    this website isn’t about your mislead opinion i repeat your opinion of the united states this post is about how ovechkin’s ver smart way of not making himself out to be a homophobe and not be against his country’s mislead law.

    i know i have posted things on this site people might not have agreed with but pedro is in a realm all his own . freedom of speech is one thing but it also isn’t guaranteed by this site . a moderator might try and put a stop to this

  • Jeffry Murphy

    I think we should all focus on the games and not other issues. Let the games finish and talk about all others if you must. http://www.blteeshirt.com/

  • Misha P.

    So why, for example, Qatar is preparing to host FIFA World Cup in 2022? Tell me, or may be Peter will? Qatar is way more conservative country than Russia and gays are being KILLED there just FOR BEING GAYS. Somebody cares? Why don’t brave US citizens speak about this case? I’ll tell you why – because you can’t think with your own brain. Sometimes it can help, I’m asking you and Peter Hassett to try.

    Btw, I don’t really understand why RMNB has become a “voice of America”.

  • Misha P.

    Why don’t you try to blame Saudi Arabia or Qatar, or Kuwait for killing gays just for being gays? It’s not even “gay propaganda’s” question. GAYS ARE BEING KILLED THERE EVERY DAY.

  • Misha P.

    And if you really care about the democracy in the World, or in Russia – you should listen to russian citizens. They have voted for this law, Russia is their country. Easy, right Pete? You are not able to speak about Russia’s ability to host Olymipcs either, it has already been done by IOC.

  • Yo8

    They challenge society because the way they are being treated. Have you seen what Neo-Nazi bigots do to homosexuals walking the streets while not doing anything at all that could be considered as a “gay propaganda” towards children? This is why they went to streets because even in their own gay clubs and other gay places they are not safe from these evil people and the government is not doing anything but ignoring those crimes and making things worse for the gay community.