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On Monday, we covered the Russian national team’s extravagant event where they released their new Olympic jerseys. The sweaters, modeled by Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin and women’s player Alexandra Kapustina, looked totally awesome from afar. Now, Nike has released promotional pics of their own that focus in on the details of the sweaters. They’re pretty impressive. And once again, Sasha is modeling for them.

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I love everything!


Okay except for this.

See the full gallery (there’s actually way more photos).

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  • I like the white jerseys, much better than what the USA debuted yesterday.

  • It looks like Nike has a template that the countries have to follow. Which means god help us when Canada debuts theirs and it has the same ugly fake lacing.

  • For a company as rich as this, why would they choose to cut corners and not actually make the lacing? I don’t get it.

    They do this with NFL jerseys too. They have fake paint collars. It’s so cheap and really takes a lot of personality away from the jerseys.

  • I think it’s just for aesthetics. I personally don’t mind the faux lacing, the white (away?) is clean with just enough intricate details to be able to hang in Mari Vanna and fit right in with the decor.

    With the USA jerseys it seems like the faux lacing stands out much more just due to the overall blandness of the jerseys. I think Canada and Swedens jerseys are pretty much assured of looking neat even with the new nike-fication we’ve seen with the Americans and Russians.

  • Yeah, they’re super creative. I love them. I also dig how different the design of the red and white ones are, yet they still feel like a natural extension of each other.

  • brian!

    Yeah, that fake lacing has to go, and I’m not crazy about the acorn-cap-style blue shoulders the red jerseys are rocking. Otherwise, they look pretty sweet! I know Ovi called the gold bits inspirational, but I’m betting Nike is including those little details as an attempt to combat counterfeiting.

  • serpent

    Either lace the thing or leave it plain. The imprint looks cheap. The design of the white sweater is outstanding! The red one should loose the blue shoulders. They look like mediaeval serf’s hoods.

  • Sage Confucius

    The silly faux lacing at the collar is a Nike thing. It’s on jerseys, shoes and probably anything else they desire to slap the name onto.
    FLYWIRE TECHNOLOGY- Eliminates layers, reduces weight, and provides lockdown fit to keep the jersey in place

    All of the jerseys I’ve seen so far look like long-sleeved t-shirts. At least Russia’s have some character. The USA’s look like the designer got stuck in a minimalistic dreamland.

  • Adam Nowek

    I love the white sweater. I really enjoy the white United States sweater, as well. The Russian one is elegant, while the American one is iconic and draws well from railroad iconography.