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Friday, during a fan forum, Dynamo Moscow general director Andrey Safronov said that he’d talk to Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin about coming back to Russia. Ovechkin, a Dynamo alum who played for the club until 2005 as well as during the 2012 lockout, is under contract with the Capitals until 2021. The reigning Hart trophy winner is slated to receive $79 million over the next eight seasons.

Here is Safronov, as quoted by the Russian ITAR-TASS news agency:

Ovechkin has a current contract with the Capitals. Can we try to pull him out? We’ll talk, we’ll look at each other and will have some result. Right now all Russian national team players want to come back to their homeland. KHL shows its force and credibility. And finances are important too. Taking taxes in account, playing in Russia has become way more attractive for players.

Since Ilya Kovalchuk left the Devils to sign with SKA St. Petersburg earlier this summer, worries of Russian NHL stars returning to their Motherland have grown more pressing. The Red Wings’ center Pavel Datsyuk, however, set those worries to rest by signing an extension with Detroit.

A player walking away from an NHL contract to play in the KHL could result in an NHL team seeking resolution by claiming it as a conflict situation, which is subject to KHL/NHL interleague negotiations, as per the Memorandum of Understanding between the two leagues. The Devils chose not to go down this route with Kovalchuk.

Former agent Brian Lawton told The Score recently that teams can also toll defecting players’ contracts, circumstances which would make it impossible for the player to sign with another NHL club later. Agents Mark Gandler and JP Barry also told The Score that they believe Kovalchuk’s situation is unique and most likely won’t cause a mass exodus of Russian stars.

Alex Ovechkin leaving the Capitals anytime soon is very unlikely. However, as he ages and his contract grows more burdensome for the team, the chances Ovechkin returns home without risking retributive action from the Capitals may increase.

  • Yes. I also want Alexander Ovechkin to leave the Washington Capitals for another team in another hockey league. I want to offer him free post game beverages of his choice to join my men’s league team.

  • Alex Ovechkin to the Hockey Donkeys of Frederick, MD!

  • yv

    It is the same Dynamo and Safronov, who paid to Traktor supposedly 10M$ to sign Nichushkin and came out empty. Traktor came out a winner, while Dynamo left with the smell. He can talk and fantasize, but it doesn’t mean much. The only problem is that it will instigate empty talks by NA media here about nothing. The start of the season cant come out too early.

  • Fedor

    Word on the street is that Dynamo paying Traktor $10M was conditional on Nich staying in Russia.

  • yv

    But Traktor chairman had seemingly mentioned before that they got some money, that they can use to buy/pay other players

  • ThrowmetheWHIP

    this years caps sans ovi Vs. dynamo WITH ovi… WHO YA GOT?

  • bskillet

    Big Caps fan and NHL fan altogether. Every individual has a choice how to live their life, it would suck to lose Alex but hey, there are hundreds of players dreaming of the chance to make it in the U.S., we’ll all live.

  • Ya know, if Ovi really wants to play for a Dynamo, the four teams in my Sunday night league are all named after Russian teams (Dynamo, Omsk, Spartak, and Lokomotiv).

  • Christopher D. DeGrange

    He can come play for the OFBG, That way everyone gets a chance to play with or against him

  • brian!

    Woah, I used to play in a league against those guys. Good team. (go Gladiators!)

  • brian!

    Dynamo, DC isn’t a sports town. – Michael Wilbon

  • Fedor

    I’ve *heard* (not saying it’s necessarily true) that they got far more modest return for him. The rest was (or still is) conditional.

  • yv

    Looks like great news from Kuzya from his small interview in allhockey. ru translation. He saying Ovi every time saying to him you should valit’ (laughing, get out) to Caps. Kuzya saying that he can guarantee that after New Year will start application for american visa. “..could come at the end of season like Radulov. And what to afraid? Sanya Ovechkin there, he promised to help with everything…” Some other stuff there. !!!

  • yv

    addl. FYI: In the original full big interview to P.Lysenkov from ‘Sov.Sport’ a lot of interesting things, including how he blaming himself for the recent mindless words that RMNB covered. I’m sure RMNB will cover the whole interview, just, in case, heads up. Most important: Kuzya coming!?!

  • within the hour

  • Strngry

    “The term of this year’s agreement expires on the 30th of June, 2013.”

  • ovi8

    Not gonna happen.