30 Days Out: Healthy Mike, Healthy Brooks, Healthy Nicky

mike green

The first puck of the 2013-14 season will drop in exactly 30 days, so we’re going to spend the whole month reminding ourselves of all the good things coming our way on October 1st. I thought I’d start with this little gem: Everybody’s healthy. For once.

Over the last two seasons, Mike Green, Brooks Laich, and Nick Backstrom have combined to play just 63.5% of games. Concussions and #brittlegroin have cost those players a combined 142 man-games, probably a big factor in the Caps’ struggles since 2011. After successful rehab for all three, we’ve got reason to think those troubles are behind us now.

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  • yv

    Now it is good time immediately to spit, turn around and knock in the wood RMNB, b/c you decided to spoil everything! From now on what ‘s left is wait and see who would be the first who will go down, probably with groin injury!?

  • Zank

    Green looks like a homeless man in the pic above

  • standarsh

    Definitely does haha

  • seandlax9

    That picture needs to have a photo caption contest

  • Jake Green-Go

    I’m assuming erat is fine from his hand/wrist injury now?