Consulting the 2013-14 schedule, we see two dates with the Anaheim Ducks: Monday, December 23 in DC; and Tuesday, March 18 in California. The first of those dates will be coach Bruce Boudreau‘s first game back in Verizon Center and his first against his old squad. Poor guy never got to play against Dale Hunter.

Boudreau’s Ducks went 30-12-6 last season on the back of the league’s third-best highest PDO (the sum of two stats that don’t often persist from year to year: save percentage and shooting percentage). The team’s possession actually ranked them in the league’s bottom third— just one spot above Washington. Next season should be interesting for both teams.

Also in Anaheim is 43-year-old Teemu Selanne, recent signatory to a one-year, two-million dollar contract. I suspect the Finnish phenom will finally be finished after this season. Teemu’s powerplay time fell last season, perhaps a sign of reduced utility in his advancing years and purportedly the cause of some snags in contract negotiations. Whether Teemu will actually get more ice may depend on his even-strength performance, which– ya know– also fell last season. He’s still a legend and everything, but it seems that if Selanne cannot stop for retirement, retirement will gladly stop for him.

So here’s my question for you: how shall we greet Teemu and good ol’ Boose Boudreau come Christmas Eve Eve?

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  • Gabby should be cheered, anything other than a warm reception and a standing ovation is absurd.

  • Rhino40

    +1…Polite applause..because the Caps might not have have been in the playoff discussion had they been without him those years.

  • brian!

    Raucous applause for both, and maybe an apology to Bruce for running him out of town.


  • serpent

    Two of my all- time favorite hockey guys, so of course, I will cheer, stamp my feet and generally act like an idiot when they get to our ice.