It’s a holiday in Caps land. Karl Alzner‘s dog Murphy turns five-years-old today. To celebrate, Karl gave all three of his pups a McDonald’s burger, which means they eat as healthily as Alex Semin.

I can’t actually confirm that Karl gave them the burger. Here’s what probably happened: the dogs escaped the crate, restrained Karl, stole the car keys, designed an intricate device that allows dogs to steer and hit the gas at the same time, and then hit up golden arches drive thru.

Happy Birthday, Murphy. Bark bark bark, bark bark bark.


Photos via @KarlAlzner. You are missing out if you don’t follow him on Twitter.

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  • CT

    Happy Birthday, MURPH DOGGGGGGGGGG

  • Catherine__M

    Wrong. No device necessary. One of the little guys for the gas, the other little one for the brakes, Murphy at the wheel. I have no doubt they could pull it off. Look at the faces on those little ones! They are clearly the plotting kind.

  • Yo8

    So it begins…

  • bskillet

    Haha, good one. What’s up with that furniture? surely he can afford some normal, comfy couches with that new contract.

  • Maybe that’s a big-ass dog bed?

    Or maybe hockey players are like famous musicians and they just have no idea how to furnish a house.

  • RESmith

    I’m a proud caretaker of a dachshund. If you have ever had one as a companion, you will understand that nothing gets between a dachsie and food. I’m astounded that the burger lasted long enough to take a photo with all three dogs! That is an impressive feat.