Pierre McGuire Was at Kettler Last Week, Did Not Ruin It


RMNB readers Jessie M. and Kate H. were at Kettler Capitals Iceplex for Team USA’s Olympic orientation camp last week. Waiting around the rink to get autographs and photos with America’s best NHL players, they didn’t get a chance to meet Zach Parise, but they did take photos with Pierre McGuire.

So there’s that.

Yup, everybody’s favorite Russian-bashing, un-agile, Sidney Crosby-sympathizing, sideline reporter, Pierre McGuire, was in the house. In an email to RMNB, Kate tells us he couldn’t have been nicer.

When Jess asked for a photo, Pierre responded enthusiastically, “Absolutely!!” After the photo was taken, Pierre then asked Kate if she wanted a photo too. “Sure, I guess,” Kate responded.

The girls then say Pierre crouched down so that they were the same height in the photos. You can’t not have that face in frame. Pierre then gave them a goodbye hug and said, “See you ladies later. Have fun!”

These photos are not awkward at all.


Usually, we’d take this opportunity to thrash Pierre McGuire and call him names, but he was nice to Our People, so he gets a pass for now.


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  • I just want to go on the record that I love Jess’s shirt.

  • VeggieTart

    He may have been nice, but they still need to take some sage to the place and burn it to expunge his bad vibes.

  • Chip

    It makes me really happy that I was not only there but I also got to meet some awesome players AND I didn’t see Penis Mcguire at all.

  • whoops typo

  • you forgot to capitalize the G in McGuire

  • Derek Eklund

    Love the headline.

  • leaveittobeagle

    He just ruined my visit to this website. Come on guys, I know its late in the summer, but there’s no excuse for putting that fools mug front and center. Fore shame….

  • Synjin

    Surprised he isn’t wearing his “I ♥ Rangers” t-shirt.

  • Rogbo64

    Damn, me thinks a rib was broken on that one.

  • Sorry I had to post this pic…

  • bskillet

    Glad to see our house isn’t the only one that can’t stand that guy/gal? not as good watching the game on mute but have to when he won’t shut up in the glass.

  • Rob

    This guy annoys me so much I actually put in a switch to mute the commentary on NBC’s games.

  • ThrowmetheWHIP

    “REAL QUICK doc in todays’ hockey there’s not a better shirt color than blue, no question, wouldn’t you agree?”