27 Days Out: The Dirty ‘Peg

map of peg

Winnipeg and DC are 1500 miles apart. The Capitals spanned that distance five times in the last two seasons, but thanks to the glory of realignment, that number will be just ONE in 2013-14.

Winnipeg is actually closer to LA than DC, but when the Atlanta Thrashers relocated in 2011, Winnipeg kept its spot in the Southeast Division because reasons. That sucked– not just for players, who endured long plane rides to the exotic and un-parked realm of Manitoba, but also for fans who had to wait until 10 PM later for the puck to drop in an interdivisional game. No more. In 2013-14, the Caps will have five 10 PM starts, and they’re clustered together in two convenient trips to the Western Conference.

Winnipeg is no longer in the southeast, and all is right in the world. On behalf of the Association of American Geographers, I’d like to thank Gary Bettman for the sudden outbreak of cartographical sanity.

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  • Court

    Didn’t the Caps games vs the Jets start at 8pm, not 10?

  • VeggieTart

    Yep. WPG is Central Time Zone, so 8:00pm start.

  • Yeaaaaaaah

  • Court

    Either way, glad our boys don’t have to schlep up there 3x per year!

  • BallouTheBear

    Am I mistaken or is LA about 500 miles further from wpg then wpg to wsh?

  • By car, yes. As the crow flies, no. It’s barely closer that way.

  • BallouTheBear

    You piqued my interest and I plugged the coords into a calculator:
    WPG-WSH: 1244.8494 miles.
    WPG-LA: 1532.4713 miles.

    I’m a nerd.

  • Yeah that’s about what I got too. I think Yellowstone kinda screws up everything for driving cause there aren’t really diagonal routes through it.

  • Owen Johnson

    Cartographical sanity? What about having the Florida teams with the Northeast teams?

  • Stand by for the Flortheast entry into this series

  • Benjamin Scarbro