26 Days Out: The Maple Leafs are a Laugh Riot

angry nonis

The Toronto Maple Leafs, the most storied team in the NHL, had failed to make the playoffs in seven straight seasons until 2013. There was something magic in that lockout-shortened, 48-game season that allowed a team ranked second-to-DFL in puck possession to make the postseason.

And what a postseason it was. The Leafs took a commanding lead over the Boston Bruins in game seven before blowing it, freaking epically, in the final ten minutes of regulation. Patrice Bergeron won it for the Bruins in overtime, and Leafs management promptly began its offseason ritual of ruining the team.

They bought out the plucky Mikhail Grabovski, re-upped the derpy Tyler Bozak to a five-year deal, secured David Clarkson until he turns 37, and poisoned the well with Nazem Kadri. Given they probably won’t score a goal on every ninth shot next year, I suspect the Leafs are due for a reckoning in ’13-’14. Meanwhile, the Caps picked up Grabo from free agency and are actually planning on using him to play hockey in the offensive zone at some point.

Thanks for the lulz, Dave Nonis. Keep up the good work, Randy Carlyle. Never change, Toronto. See you at Thanksgiving *(U.S. edition).

  • yv

    FALLing Leafs – Capital gains!

    About prognosis. I just read and watch video of Metro division season prediction on The Hockey News site and to my amusement, theirs three ‘geeky’-looking guys predicting that Caps while improved with Grabo will finish 6th! in Metro, but as usual will be bumped in the first round of playoffs?!!? And not a single one corrected each other on video and in the article!? I thought they should be pros there and know the topic.

  • Dan Daoust

    when Grabovski is your big win in the offseason you are in BIG trouble.

  • We’ll see about that. Toronto is a circus, I doubt any player can actually succeed there.

  • The Toronto Leafs are hockey’s version of the Dallas Cowboys.

    How could they possibly be more inept? Also, I might argue the Canadiens are the most storied franchise.

  • wait what? 6th? and making the playoffs? is that all in one post?

  • Myuzishin

    LOL remember you said that. We’ll toss some stats around in April.

  • yv

    exactly and whats more bizarre, beside text they also talking about Caps chances for several minutes. And I thought they are a prof edition, keep sending invitations to subscribed.

  • Stc

    Assuming both wild cards come out of the Met wouldn’t that leave the Caps with the 7th seed under THN’s scenario?

  • Stc

    Uh never mind. Not good at teh maths

  • Ash

    Yes, I agree, it is difficult to concentrate when all the other teams are glaring at you for getting the steal signing of the off-season.

  • Rhino40

    Yes, and the Habs are hockey’s version of the New York Yankees: a team with way too many championships, and whose fans–if one listens to one of them drone on for long enough–might induce his audience to believe that:

    1) The Montreal Canadiens not only invented the sport of hockey, but also discovered ice itself.

    2) The Montreal Canadiens are the greatest hockey team that ever was or ever will be.

    3) If the Montreal Cnadiens failed to capture the Stanley Cup in any given year, it is because there were no NHL games played at all that year.

    4) If the Montreal Canadiens ever “lost” a game, it was only because the other team:

    • Cheated,
    • signed a pact with Satan (no, not Miroslav–the other one),
    • Tricked the Habs into showing up at the wrong time/rink/spatial dimension,
    • Gave blotter acid to the Referees, the blackmailed the Linesmen, and held the the Scorekeeper’s family hostage, or
    • All of the above.

    5) Every game that ever really “mattered” in NHL history was won by the Montreal Canadiens.

    6) There is only one Maurice Richard, and Guy LaFleur is his Prophet.

    7) God hates all NHL teams except the Montreal Canadiens.

    and so on, and so on, ad nauseam