Alex Ovechkin’s Back in DC (Photo)


RMNB reader Jen S. took Amtrak on her way back to Washington D.C. tonight. On a whim, she upgraded her ticket to business class.

The extra $25 gave her a little more leg room, a special bathroom to use, and an encounter with NHL MVP Alex Ovechkin.

Ovi, wearing a white tanktop and grey sweatpants because obviously, was also returning to DC after spending the day up in New York City for the NHL’s media day.

A freaked-out Jen worked up her courage and asked Ovi if she could take a picture with him. The Russian machine obliged.

Less than an hour later, Ovi tweeted this to his 600,000 followers:


Back at home, Jen emailed this photo to us. Day = made.

Note: Always travel in business class. There’s moar leg room and goals scorers up there.

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  • William Obuschking Busch

    would love to meet ovi live in canada though and leaf tix are insanely expensive.

  • yv

    “The boys are coming home…” that means we will have hockey soon!

  • bskillet

    Looks pretty fit and ready to go, less then a month to go.

  • SuperSlavLA
  • James Maher

    I’m going to have to disagree, he looks like hes hiding a bit of a belly. I’m not all that worried, but fit? i dunno about that.