25 Days Out: Kuzyamania!


Ed note: Well, this is awkward. I scheduled this post before Kuznetsov’s trick shoulder got re-injured in Friday’s game against Vityaz.

Evgeny Kuznetsov is RMNB’s cottage industry. We’ve been covering him since mid-to-late 80s, and it’s gone swimmingly well so long as he doesn’t say any words to anyone who is in the business of writing words for other people to read. Kuzya has a bad habit of speaking his mind– particularly when he’s changing his mind every couple of minutes. Kuznetsov’s proclamations of an imminent move to America have been… uhh… let’s say fluctuant.

For the record: it’ll happen either after Traktor’s season ends in the spring or in the fall of 2014. Or never.

Until then, we’ll be here reporting on his (final) season in the KHL with video highlights, stats, and a sense of cool detachment that has allowed us to survive the last few years of Kuzya news without suffering a coronary.

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    I <3 Kuzya

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    Final season should be surrounded by quotes, surrounded by quotes, surrounded by even more quotes.