Kuznetsov absorbs a hit in Traktor’s season opener against Dynamo. (Photo credit: HC Traktor)

Washington Capitals top prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov played all of 30 seconds in his team’s second game of the regular season, a loss to Vityaz Podolsk, 5-3.

According to AllHockey.ru, Kuznetsov was hurt as a result of a hard hit by Vityaz power forward Maxim Rybin. After getting up, Kuznetsov went straight to the locker room.

At the post-game press conference, Traktor coach Valery Belousov was tight-lipped regarding Kuznetsov’s condition, revealing only that “he has some shoulder issues.” Kuznetsov has a long history of shoulder injuries.

Kuznetsov has had at least two two surgeries to repair damage from previous injuries, with one done— unsuccessfully– in Moscow, and another in Germany.

Kuznetsov has missed time due to injury each season he has been in the KHL. We’ll update this story when we know more.

  • Mark Chaffer


  • yv

    Really bad sign, since it is again shoulder. He already has surgery(-es?) before (and see Fehr, also Caps first round pick).

    And that what I commented before that rmnb jinx Caps with their article that all Caps are healthy!?!

  • bskillet


  • johnnymorte

    Rats! Looks like there’s a possibility no one will have him. If he can’t take the physical play in the KHL, how’s he going to fare over here with guys like Rene Bourque ripping into him? This could potentially be dangerous contract situation.

  • Bob

    We traded Forsberg and kept this twerp? Just what Les Crapiteaux need. Another fragile pansy of a player. That’ll work out great in the playoffs, won’t it?

  • Fedor

    Another example of player with multiple shoulder injuries/surgeries: Malkin, Evgeny.