Photo credit: @BillCutting

The Washington football team plays the Philadelphia Eagles tonight on Monday Night Football and someone special is in the house: Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin. While that news is pretty cool, this tidbit may blow your mind: Ovi was tailgating with fans before the game started. Name one MVP from any other sport that would do this.

Wearing a Robert Griffin III jersey and a matching red hat with his own personal logo, Ovechkin was captured by multiple Twitter’ers mingling in the FedEx Field parking lot before heading inside for the game. Despite celebrating his two-year anniversary today, fiancée Maria Kirilenko was not there with him.

Below: photos!


Photo credit: @BillCutting


Photo credit: @BillCutting


Photo credit: @patricklaw3

  • And yes, I wrote this 2 hours after I got back from being admitted to the hospital and am on painkillers. #Gamer

  • Julie Fainberg

    What a champ

  • JessHughes

    Feel better, Ian – training camp starts soon!

  • Sarah
  • bskillet

    13:19 left in the 3rd, I’m guessing he’s gone home by now 33-7 ugh.

  • DMVSportsMarketing

    It’s not “The Washington football team”. It’s the Washington Redskins!!!!!! HTTR

  • R.O’B.


  • Andrew

    Haha, the twitter handle @billcutting is almost as good as this story.

  • @THanson26

    I want that hat! Is that an old CCM one from his clothing line?

  • erg

    Washington football team is less offensive. I applaud the writer.

  • CDizz

    Washington “football team”
    …Are you kidding? Ian, I respect you on so many levels, but this is just ridiculous. Why are white people the only ones who care? White guilt? As a Native American, I can say that NONE OF US give a crap about the name, so you shouldn’t either. HTTR!

  • a) you may be assuming too much about the writer’s intent
    b) we call the Caps “DC” and “Washington” all the time
    c) Ray Halbritter is a Native American, and he cares, so your last point is wrong http://www.npr.org/player/v2/mediaPlayer.html?action=1&t=1&islist=false&id=219725273&m=219725275
    d) hockey

  • CDizz

    We never call the Caps the “Washington hockey team.”
    Calling them the “Washington football team” is a conscious decision which is catching fire recently, so I’m not sure why you would deny that as the intention. And screw Halbritter. Just because.
    And d) football