Capitals prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov played just 30 seconds on Friday before a legal hit by Maxim Rybin injured his shoulder. With a history of shoulder injuries, Kuznetsov headed to Germany to get examined.

On Monday, without a named source or a byline, Sport Express reported that Kuznetsov’s injury will cost him two months and any shot at making the Russian Olympic squad.

But no one else seems to agree with that. Not yet, at least.

The original report from Sport Express, as translated by RMNB’s Igor Kleyner:

It has become known to Sport Express that Traktor’s forward Evgeny Kuznetsov may be out for up to two months because of the shoulder injury. The injury occurred in the very first minute of the game last Friday against Vityaz, as a result of a legal hit by Vityaz forward Maksim Rybin. Kuznetsov did not return to the game.

Over the weekend, the 21 year old forward departed for a clinic in Germany, where his same left shoulder was operated on two years ago. At that time his recovery took three months. Surgery is not likely to be needed this time. But in any case, this injury brings Kuznetsov’s chances to make Russia’s Olympic roster down to almost a zero.

Alexander Rogulev from R-Sport contradicts Sport Express, stating that there has been no diagnosis yet and his prognosis is still unknown:

This information does not correspond to the reality. There is still no diagnosis, and, as a result, the recovery terms are unknown. The origin of this news is unknown. The earliest we will have some clarity is tomorrow.

Sovetsky Sport has also chimed in to dismiss the Sport Express story.

So until we have a real source and a reputable writer with a name vouching for the story, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about Kuznetsov’s injury or his future.

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  • Freedoooom

    Good job.

  • Alberto Roncajolo

    The KHL is trying to lure stars back home with its very attractive tax laws but what very little is mentioned is how far behind the KHL is in terms of facilities, be it sports or medical. Why is it that the KHL is this “magical” place for players, yet those players that play in it have to go seek medical treatment in Germany? What is the problem, are there no shoulder specialists in Russia?

  • Zank


  • yv

    google translate:

    Forward “Tractor” and the Russian team Evgeny Kuznetsov, who suffered a shoulder injury, will recover in five weeks, according to the “Soviet Sport”.

    In 21-year-old striker was diagnosed with a tear shoulder capsule with preservation of cartilage. Hockey player will be treated in Germany and will return to the middle of October.

    Earlier, it was reported that Kuznetsov could miss about two months.

  • UgOhSpaghettianov

    Hmm, when I translate the Russian name “Maxim Rybin” into German and then English it comes out as “Marco Sturm”(?) The definition being “one who takes a promising career and in an instant mangles it into a second-tier prospect right before an anticipated major tournament.”

    When I take the URL for that definition and plug it into a YouTube search it results in various Carole King songs.

  • Freedoooom

    Alex Rodriguez went to Germany for a shoulder surgery too.

    Its all about reputations.