“Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep!” (Photos by Chris Gordon)

On Monday afternoon, the Washington Capitals and the Philadelphia Flyers played a rookie game at Kettler Capitals Iceplex featuring prospects from both teams. It was a rather meaningless game, but still a chance for players on both sides to impress their management — or at least get a deal in the WWE. In the 60 minute game, there were four fights, a myriad of scrums and penalties, along with a occasional slew foot. Naturally, a lot of this involved Tom Wilson. The 2012 first-round pick got in two fights, lost half a tooth, and said some very, very naughty things to players on the other team.

Despite my perch between the benches, I couldn’t really tell how both his fights started, so I’ll let Wilson explain.

“I figured why not?” he said of the first bout. “Two good fights — that’s part of the game.”

Below, here are photos and video of T-Wil’s brawls.

Video by Jordan Tenenbaum, who apparently does not know a phone turns sideways.


Wilson drops the gloves in the first period.








My half-ass attempt at a photo of Wilson’s second fight.


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  • Katie Brown

    T-Wils copyright ME. Kthx CMG

  • cobra617

    Phones should self destruct if people try to video vertically. Maybe it would help stop this horrible epidemic.

  • His nickname is The Ten Train! I’m fining Chris $5.

  • Katie Brown

    That might put a cramp in his froyo budget for like, a day.

  • Brendan Maltese

    Regarding vertical videos:

  • eray_7

    That kid might help me forget about Hendricks having to leave. Even if he only plays 8 games. Love his energy.

  • Rosie

    Looks like No. 43 is just 2 moves away from starring as No. 45, Arron Asham. Good! Tom Wilson has my vote. We need a wolverine on our team! Let Wilson do the checking so Russian Machine can have more time to do what he loves best, “Score more goals!”

  • brian!

    So is that Morse Code in the top photo caption? 😛

  • Rhino40

    Um, that’s Scoar Moar Goals