A First Look at Tom Wilson’s Chipped Tooth (Photos)


Tom Wilson got into two fights during Monday’s rookie game, prompting some unscheduled dental work. The Washington Capitals’ first-round pick in 2012 got clipped up high by a Flyers prospect in the second period, bleeding from the mouth as he made his way back to the bench. No call was made, natch. Wilson said later one of his bottom teeth got chipped in two.

“That’s an expensive non-call,” Wilson told reporters after the game. “They just numbed me up and then I got back out there.”

Later, Wilson proudly tweeted about the incident.

If you’re going to get endorsement deals, just ask Ovi, the broken tooth look is endearing. More of my photos from the incident are below.


Wilson in pain after some dental reconstruction. (Photos by Chris Gordon)


Wilson gets a delicious snack of carbon fiber.



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