First Look at Braden Holtby’s New Mask (Photos)


Via the Washington Capitals Instagram, here’s Braden Holtby‘s new mask.

Designed by Swedish artist-to-the-stars, Dave Gunnarsson, Holtby’s mask features a sign on its side reading, “Please do not feed the animal.”

Not sure if that refers to the eagle with the crazy eyes or the actual guy wearing the mask.


2:05PM Update: The Caps (who are totally stepping on our beat) have posted more photos.



See the full gallery on Capitals Overtime.

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  • Camilla A.

    I dig it

  • I need to see MOAR

  • I’d like to see the other side. I can only imagine how cool it is.

  • Benjamin Scarbro

    I just head butted my computer while listening to that song… *posted from my mobile device.

  • Owen Johnson

    Gotta love Braveman Holtbeast!

  • Matthew Kory

    I can only imagine what the image inside the helmet is. It’s probably a.. OH MY GOD!!

  • Rhino40

    A most excellent paint job on a most excellent helmet for a most excellent ‘keep, Ted
    Yeah, Bill, but, like, why is the bird drooling?

  • Ruben


  • Red

    Great work. Continuation of the “cage” onto the mask seems like an obvious design element, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it done. Very slick. The only detail I would change is to leave the lock hanging open, cause….you know.