Washington Capitals forward Brooks Laich came out from the lockerroom and addressed with the media why he left the ice only after ten minutes this morning. “It was a left hip flexor,” Laich said to 106.7 The Fan’s Sky Kerstein. “It is completely non-related to what happened to me last year.”

“We’ll monitor it day-by-day and it should come back very very quickly,” Laich added according to Monumental Network.

Laich also suggested that the ice at Kettler may have contributed to his injury. “The ice back home [in Saskatchewan] is very hard, and I came here and this ice is very soft.”

Laich says he tweaked his hip and first started feeling pain last Thursday.

LiveStrong describes hip flexors:

The hip flexor is the group of muscles located in the front portion of your hip that allows for forward motion when your run or walk. When kicking or sprinting, large amounts of stress are applied to the hip flexor. This stress can result in a hip flexor strain. A hip flexor strain is the tearing or stretching of a muscle or a tendon, according to Kapi’Olani Orthopaedic Associates. The hip flexor may become inflamed and painful. A hip flexor strain requires treatment.

Hip flexors injuries in hockey generally range from day-to-day or week-to-week statuses, though they can end careers in rare cases.

The best way to treat the injury is icing down the affected area (volunteers?), rest, and lots and lots of stretches like this one, via WebMD:


While speaking with reporters, Laich also revealed more about the groin injury that limited him to nine games last season. He said that he felt intense pain rolling over in bed and getting out of chairs. Getting in and out of his car was also a nightmare. Poor guy.

Let’s hope some more “aggressive acupuncture sessions” clear this thing right up.

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  • Livestrong sucks. /canceropinion

  • I agree. Sadly their description was way better than WebMD’s.

  • Rick

    Once again, the ice at Verizon hurts our own player. Wasn’t this a huge issue about 3 years ago and Ted swore he was gonna make better?

  • Over_head

    Were they practicing at Verizon Center? I thought they usually practiced at Kettler.

  • Rick

    OK.. Same sentence just insert Kettler.

    “Laich also suggested that the soft ice at Kettler may have contributed to his injury. “The ice back home [in Saskatchewan] is very hard, and I came here and this ice is very soft.””

  • Pat Magee

    Didn’t help that it was a bazillion degrees outside the past 3 days….

  • Over_head

    Yes, I think it is safe to say the ice in most arenas in Saskatchewan is going to be better/harder then the ice in most arenas in Virginia.

  • VirginiaPatriot

    I was looking for an article that I read once regarding a connection between hip pain and groin pain and how they (according to this one particular doctor) ARE related (possibly the same injury, just pain in different regions). I’m not a doctor, blah, blah, blah, but I wonder if Brooks may be worse than being reported. Here’s a link. I have no idea what it says and only understand about every 5th word