Photo credit: @ovi8

In the first period of the Kraft Hockeyville game between the Washington Capitals and Winnipeg Jets, Alex Ovechkin absorbed a brutal high stick. After the game, he showed off the damage on Twitter. His left eye appears swollen and cut. His nose is bruised. His left cheek is swollen. And he has a cut above and on his swelling lip. Yuck.

Maybe his face will look better after the plane ride home to DC.


Here’s a screengrab of Ovi’s face from overtime too.

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  • Charlie

    he looks like walter jr from breaking bad haha

  • Matilda

    HAHA YES! Ovi got some cerebal palsy after that high stick 😛

  • JenniferH

    Russian Machine Never Breaks. But he sure gets busted.

  • yv

    Just watched and heard on nhl the mic’d up pre-game Caps practice there on Olympic size rink. And one can add another phrase into Ovis book: ” Maybe I need a longer stick to play on this ice!”.

  • CDizz

    Ho. Ly. Shit.