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A few minutes after the Washington Capitals won the Kraft Hockeyville game via Mike Green’s shootout goal, Jack Jablonski tweeted out a gift that he got recently from Caps captain Alex Ovechkin. It’s a signed helmet from Ovechkin that reads in Russian, “Be healthy and good luck! Be a good guy! From Ovi.”

Jablonksi tweeted in response, “An @ovi8 helmet! Can’t thank you enough!! Good luck this season! You’re my hero #iloverussians.”

For those not familiar with the story, Jablonski was a high school hockey player in Minnesota who got paralyzed during a game. Check out this beautiful video.

Jablonski has become an inspiration in the hockey world just through his sheer positivity. Recently, he was drafted and given a roster spot by the USHL’s Chicago Steel this year. He is officially on their roster and was given the number 13.

What an awesome gift from Ovi.

Translation by Fedor Fedin.

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  • Dominic

    My feels. You bastards.

  • Kathleen Meredith

    All my feels. I’m currently sobbing like a baby. Thanks, Ian! (o-o)b

  • You’re welcome. 😀

    People like Jablonski really motivate me to make the most of myself everyday and not take anything for granted. He really is a true inspiration.