16 Days Out: The Honeymoon is Over in Pittsburgh


Our friends at the Pensblog wrote an interesting item last week about how the five-year post-championship grace period is already over for their Penguins. If that’s true, it’s gonna be an interesting season for Pittsburgh, as we find out exactly how traumatized that team has become following two epic flameouts in the postseason. It’ll be like a funhouse mirror for Caps fans.

Marc-Andre Fleury had an .883 save percentage in last season’s playoffs and has not peeked above .900 since 08-09. The team chose to bone up its roster at the trade deadline by getting older and slower. Dan Bylsma, all of a sudden on the hot seat, received from Ray Shero a vote of support slash kiss of death. The team fared very poorly when Crosby and Malkin were off the ice, and those marquee players– now 26 and 27– are nearing inevitable declines as they enter their late 20s.

This isn’t me saying the Pens are doomed– they’re not the Maple Leafs or anything. They’re just gonna be a fun team to watch as they work their way through the kind of issues that can derail a team. Then again, maybe Beau Bennett will put up 30 goals and everything will be hunky dory.

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  • OlietheGoalie

    F the Pens. F Crosby. F Malkin. The only reason I like watching the Penguins is because there’s an equal chance that they’ll flame out in the playoffs like we will.

  • Vanessa Sosa

    Longtime lurker, first time commenter. Sad to say, that’s right, hate to say this as a Pens fan. I don’t know what’s in Flower’s head that he’s a sieve in the playoffs and hopefully Sid doesn’t have any freak injuries like last year. This is one awesome blog and keep up the good work, I do have a little soft spot for Ovi and Nicky and hopefully you guys don’t play the Rangers again, are you guys BFF’s or something 😀

  • Thanks for writing.

    I hope Crosby keeps it together this season. It’s awful to lose a rival– even one you hate– to an injury like that.

    I truly think MAF is a decent goaltender. He’s not “elite” or anything, but he’s way better than the last two years have shown us.


    Especially now that they have Vigneault. I think they’re gonna be SCARY this year.

  • p.s. I am gonna use so many Gunter GIFs whenever we talk about the Penguins

  • Rannec
  • I am saving the GIFs!

  • Glenn Havinoviski

    Hate the Pens but Bylsma is a decent coach. Certainly no worse than Boudreau (who in the end has a brilliant record), and with a Cup to his name.

  • cj

    love the sweater!

  • Ross Andrews

    god I’m glad it’s finally hockey season again!

  • Rhino40

    Well, now…it would seem that there’s a potential opportunity for a Schädenfreudefest…adn will you look at that $#&^sweater!